Friday, April 8, 2011

#1 Dad

Laughing it up with Emil and Bridget at the breakfast table on Sunday.
I'm feeling guilty that Brian hasn't been featured much on my blog lately.  By the time he gets home every night I'm kind of a mess and not in the mood to take pictures.  The babies, Bridget and I look forward to his arrival, though.  He always brings Bridget a "treat" - sometimes it's a bite-size candy bar and sometimes it's an individually wrapped Lifesaver mint.  Doesn't matter, he thought about her during the day and brought her something and that's all she cares about.  (Remember on the Dick Van Dyck show when he would just give his son whatever was in his pocket when the son asked, "What'd you bring me?"  Rock from the driveway, receipt... :))  Brian does the dishes every night while listening to Bridget chatter and holding/bouncing one of the babies.  It makes my life feel much less chaotic to go to bed with a clean kitchen.  Both of the boys know Brian's voice and Colin especially likes to laugh for him.  Daddy is funny.  (Emil is laughing for him in that first photo.)

Rough kisses for Colin.
See how Brian is holding Colin's legs?  There is anticipation in his eyes - he knows this is going to be fun.
There it is!  That's the expression we see on Colin most of the time.  Unless Mama has a camera on him and Daddy isn't doing the Jackhammer Legs.

My other favorite thing about Brian coming home every night is that he takes care of any poopy pants while he's home.  I don't even say anything - he just changes all the diapers.  I'm lucky.  And I have love feelings now. :)  Who knew that changing diapers and cleaning the kitchen is more romantic than flowers and poetry?

I'll leave you with a little Baby Boy Fight.


melissa said...

It was definitely time to show Brian some love. Hooray for Dads! I love a good sad baby hot. Pahahaha! I know you love them, too, so I feel less guilty about it.

Kellie said...

Dad's are the best! Mike has been getting up with the twins lately without complaint or comment. He loves all his boys so much! I love the smile on Colin!! He needs to pose for the camera more! By the way (John)- that is not a fight. I used to think that it was, but wait 'till they start walking and wrestling! Argh!

Jill said...

Good husbands are treasures beyond measure! Go Brian!

Those babies just keep getting cuter and cuter.

allyn said...

it is my favorite when aron reads my mind and starts the task that i mentally asked him to do, no questions asked. emil is looking buff in his super hero get-up. he totally dwarfs colin. i wonder if the tables will ever turn for the two

Mr and Mrs C said...

Brian is definitely a keeper! Warms my heart when I hear great Dad hubby was good with Cameron when he was little. It really makes a difference after a long day. :)

Rachelle said...

Hooray for husbands! I love this post.