Monday, November 21, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Thanksgiving Weekend 1978

Well, this is embarrassing.  I ran out of Thanksgiving photos.  Scanned ones, anyway.  I'm much too tired right now to go digging for something juicy.  Instead, I have some proof sheet shots that never made it to a photo album from Monday, November 26, 1978.  Were we in Oakley by that time?  I think so.  This is on the same sheet with a few fuzzy and dark photos from the balloon photo shoot.  Looks like I had pants to top those house pants I was wearing the day before.  Where did we spend Thanksgiving in 1978?  Why can't I find that, eh?!
This was one of Grandpa Furniss's favorite things to do.  He loved having us jumping in photos.  Look at Jen's adorable expression.  Jen is five and I am four here.
We're probably both supposed to be running here.  Maybe I can't hear so well with that boy's haircut and pointy hood.
I like that you can see Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood behind us.  It does not look like this anymore.  All those neat little well-kept homes.  Also, is Jen wearing socks on top of socks?


Mom said...

My guess is that it was either the Monday before Thanksgiving or the one after, neither of which makes any sense because Dad would have had school, but it was our first year in Oakley. I think Jen's socks had lace around the top, then were folded down. Grandpa did love the jumping pictures.:)

Nicole said...

I looked up the calendar for 1978, and the date on the proof sheet was definitely the Monday after Thanksgiving. I thought it was odd too - why would Dad get such a long vacation from school? Or maybe the grandparents were driving us down later?

Katy said...

You two look so happy...but where was Katy?

allyn said...

those are some pretty girls. such precious little faces. no wonder gpa's camera was out at all times.