Monday, December 19, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Christmas Morning 1953

I've been missing my Grandpa Furniss the last few weeks.  He has been part of my Christmas in some way my whole life - this is the first one without him.  That's probably why the photos I have today are making me a little emotional.  He's not in any of them, but he took all of them and they have his signature.  He captured such beautiful moments and there is that touch of humor in a few, too.  These are from his proof sheet of photos from Christmas morning in 1954.  (Mom will have to correct the year if I got it wrong.  This is one of the few proof sheets without a date on it.)
Peggy, Mark, and Carol opening a strange looking gift.  My Uncle Mark is my favorite in all of these photos.  He couldn't be more adorable.
A top!  Look at their cute little slippers.  This isn't their house on Fairmont, right?
This could not be more classic.  Mark has big plans for that dollhouse.
Again, so cute I can't stand it. 
I don't know why, but I cry every single time I see this picture.  My Grandma Carol's birthday was on Christmas Day.  Look how happy she is!  In all the photos, not just this one.  She just loved her kids.


Mom said...

She certainly did love her kids - and her grandkids and the greats. I think she is crying in this picture too.
This is not the Fairmont house, so it must be 1953. Mark would have been about 15 months and I would have been a month away from 4yrs. Wayne would have been born by the next Christmas. Grandma would have been 39! The present in the first picture was a wall decoration of the cow-jumped-over-the-moon. I remember it.:)
Can you believe how much Collin looks like Mark?

Nicole said...

Thanks, Mom. I see the resemblance now that you pointed it out. Especially the profile. :)

Angie said...

My mom had a dollhouse exactly like that! I used to play with it at my grandparent's house. How surreal to see it here. Really great pictures.

melissa said...

That last one made me cry, too. Uncle Mark getting a closer look at that clock is awesome.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen photos of Peggy when she was a little girl. How darling! What sweet memories!!!

allyn said...

before i even read the caption for the last picture i was caught off guard and tears welled up. what is it? that sweet lady squeezing a sweet little girl with a halo of light shining over them. very touching. i miss that grandma.
uncle mark is adorable in these, but mom is quite the cutie pie, too.

Katy said...

oh, man! Love these pictures!! Thank you so much for posting them! I was just thinking about Grandpa today and missing him.