Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Animal Showcase

Bridget's class had the assignment to spotlight an animal and make a poster or a diorama featuring the animal.  She picked giraffes.  We spent some time looking up facts about giraffes and I found fabric with a giraffe print on it to use... somehow.  Bridget glued and colored and supervised.  (On Monday we headed to the office to finish up the poster and Bridget said, "Can I watch a movie while you finish it?")
Under the fabric patches we have written her fun facts.  A baby giraffe is taller than Bridget's Daddy!  Giraffes can grab things with their tongues!  Giraffes make a noise that humans can't hear!  Great stuff.
I had enough fabric left over to make a scarf for Bridget to wear during her presentation.  (All giraffes have spots, but they're all different from each other.  What am I going to do with all this information now?)  When I picked her up after school Bridget said her report went "fine" and her teacher said it was "cute."  COME ON!  She was wearing a giraffe print scarf!  Give me something more.  Instead, Bridget voiced her disappointment that we hadn't done a "diarrhea" instead of a poster.  Sigh.  I don't know how parents with more than one grade school age kid do this.

(Later last night Bridget said that one of her friends liked her animal showcase the best - that it was "amazing."  That kid saved the day.)


melissa said...

Surely you get extra credit for wearing a giraffe print scarf, right? That poster is super cute. Looks like a lot of work . . . for parents.

Kristi said...

Again, why the parents are doing their kids' work is beyond me. I say "never" will I do that (even after my recent reading of The Parenting Breakthrough), and yet I know I'm next. "Ridiculous!" says the teacher-turned-parent.

allyn said...

I love bridget "diva" quotes. I also love little girls with big expectations that can only be accomplished by mom. When the expectations aren't met, it's mom's fault. The scarf is adorable. I am pretty sure her teacher thought so,too.

Angie said...

Do remember when Tim had a sticky note next to his computer that just said "diarrhea"? That's still funny.

The poster is very cute, and it sounds like she learned some great stuff. Well done.