Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bridget is a Skier

Bridget got skiing lessons from Daddy for Christmas in 2012.  Between January and March, Brian took Bridget to her lessons on four Saturday mornings, and a couple of times they stuck around to ski together.  I'm so glad they have each other to enjoy this activity since I'm never going again.  Bridget has always been graceful and athletic - she really knows how to control her body well.  Every physical activity she tries, she is a natural.  Brian took a few videos of her with his phone and I put them together.  It might only be fun for us to see, but I get teary watching her do something that I couldn't do when I tried it.  That's my girl!

Let me set up this clip :) - I sped up the two runs Bridget does at the beginning and her getting on the lift at the end (she graduated to the green jersey!).  Watch out for Brian's thumb in the middle.  It's a show off.


Jill said...

Mike's been taking my kids and teaching them too, because I vowed never to be found on the slopes again after my first try. This will indeed be a father-kid activity at our house.

Bridget is good!

melissa said...

Way to go Bridget! What a sweet bond to have with Brian. She skis. She's a skier.

Love that song, too. What is it?

Nicole said...

I should probably put this somewhere else so you'll see it, but that was Moby's "Run" on the video.

Bump and Erin said...

That is awesome! I hate skiing... my poor kids may never get to go.