Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Chicken. Airplane. Soldier."

I had all three kids in swimming lessons for two weeks in July. Not having to chase the boys while Bridget was swimming was offset by the prep time before lessons and the post-lesson frenzy getting back to the van in dry clothes carrying everything we brought with us and yelling at the twins to stop running in front of cars. My kids will have me to thank when they look like 25 year-old kids when they are in their 40s. So very much sun screen. Also, they will regret the precious time they've taken off my life by running in parking lots.  Bridget is getting to be so good! I love watching her swim. (Unless we're at a public pool with the boys, then I'm too busy panicking to enjoy anything.) Emil shed his fears one by one every day that he was in the pool. Now he'll put his face in the water and blow bubbles for the fun of it. On water safety day I could hear him yelling from my post in the shade. (Bridget had to tread water and get out of a T-shirt at the same time for her water safety training. She was amazing.) Colin had a pathetic look on his face for most of the lessons. He didn't want to be splashed and he didn't want to jump in without help and he didn't want to float on his back. But, he did it anyway and I love that. Doing hard things is what it's all about. Here are hundreds of photos I took during the two weeks of lessons:
This is the only day I let them wear goggles. Colin looks like Dr. Nefario. I had to march through the gate a few minutes later to take them out of their mouths. No more goggles.
We enjoyed our first week of lessons with the Grays. Somehow Annie is a foot taller than Bridget all the sudden.
I love that Annie jumped in when it was time.
Emil always ended up by the women.
Colin is floating here and they tell the other kids to wake up him up. While his eyes were closed, the teacher asked the class if he was dreaming about Barbies and Colin said, "NO" still with his eyes closed.
Second day of lessons and Mo was confidently going off the diving board?!
As soon as Bridget hit the water, Colin was yelling, "JOB, BIDGIE!" So encouraging. :)
During the second week, Emil and Colin were in an all-boy class that included their bff, Micah!
Here they are not coming down from the treehouse for class.
 Fearless Bridget. Cartwheel off the diving board.
Colin is telling his teacher he won't jump in.
I'm sure Emil is being bossy right here. He is large and in CHARGE. Everywhere he goes.
He did eventually go off the diving board. Like a boss.
So brave.

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