Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Wheels

For at least a year Brian and I have been trying off and on to help Bridget learn to ride a bike without training wheels.  Every time we let go of the seat, she would take her hands off the handle bars and accelerate her fall to the ground by leaning over.  Bah.  A month or so ago we were on a walk in the neighborhood when she saw a much younger friend, Millie, riding a bike without training wheels.  Millie wasn't just riding, she was turning and going fast.  As Bridget would say, "What the...?!"
Within the last two or three days, all the sudden Bridget can ride fast and turn easily and even use the breaks instead of putting her feet down.  She wouldn't let us help her.  At all. 

You'll no doubt notice that Bridget's getting low on teeth.  She went to the dentist a few weeks ago with her top tooth hanging by a small thread.  I crouched next to the dentist chair and held her hand for the whole appointment.  Her worst fears weren't realized, though, the dentist did not want to pull that tooth out.  Bridget finally summoned the courage to do it herself later that afternoon.  Whew!  Pulling teeth gets easier, yes?  Or maybe it doesn't and that's why the phrase "like pulling teeth" exists. 

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Jess said...

I would love to know if losing teeth gets easier. Emmett's third is loose and he is STILL too afraid to wiggle it himself.
But in happier news- way to go, Bridget! She looks so happy. :)