Family History... I Am Doing It!

 "Remember Who You Are"

Those were always my Dad's parting words as my sisters and I would go out with our friends and dates when I was in high school.  He'd say them mostly in jest, but I think he was a little serious, too.  My mind would immediately picture my ancestors crossing the ocean, crossing the plains, working their bodies into the ground, which led to me having a very cushy life.  Most of my ancestors came to America in the 1800s from Germany, England, Sweden, as new members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  What they sacrificed to be a part of the Church blows my mind.  All I had to do was be born.

The reason I know anything about my Dad's side of the family is because he has researched their stories and visited the places where they lived and died.  One ill-fated summer vacation he took all of us on a Family History Tour through southern Idaho and Utah in a Buick station wagon.  My poor Dad was experiencing the call of our ancestors who want to be found and acknowledged.  His children were experiencing a hot, dusty drive from one cemetery to the next with only the promise of a bologna sandwich to fuel our excitement.  It was the worst.  And I wish I could go back and "be" there for it now.

I'm chronicling my Family History journey here on my blog.  Because I can.  Sometimes it's a whole biography with pictures and sometimes it's just a picture with a short description. 

Chester Family Posts
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William Chester

Family History Monday Photo Posts
Bryant James, Lloyd, and Winnifred Furniss 1918
Helena and Florence Lallatin
Anton and Rosina Lallatin
Jemima and Smith Furniss with B.J., Florence, and Mary 1901