Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Before and After

Before I report on the last part of our trip (the drive home! you can't wait), I'm going to post the family photo we took (self-timer) back in 2001.  Thirteen adults, Aaron, and six grandchildren.  Melissa, Makenzie and Rob weren't married yet.  Allyn and Aron only had one child (they have six now) and Katy and Matt only had two children (now they have five).
Eleven years later!  Seventeen adults, twenty-five grandchildren.  And we were all there, too.  :)


Kristi said...

LOVE the big family photo. So happy you did it. And ALL of you, too!! (Is that the head band Clara gave Bridget? So darling!)

allyn said...

We do know how to procreate, don't we. Why did I have to figure out for myself that bangs are a must?