Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hot Lunch!

Like I said, the promise of a full day of school and HOT LUNCH is the only thing that lured Bridget away from Bear Lake Monday night.  We found out last Friday afternoon that she and her bestie, Kodi, didn't end up in the same class.  Sad.  No, really, it made me very sad for them.  But!  They can see each other at recess!  And they can sit together on the bus!  It's going to be okay.  The boys and I walked to the bus stop with the billion other kids from the neighborhood and their mothers and younger siblings.
Bridget and Kodi
Millie and Flossy (yes, it's her real name, Katy) came to keep the boys company.  Notice the soccer ball flying by in the foreground.  Emil is fascinated by wheels and circles, as you can see.  Flossy's backpack is so big it's dragging on her tires.  Hahahaha!
What's so funny, Freddy?  (Besides his pretty sandals, I mean.)
Yeah - that's pretty funny.  Gus's sister, Abby, says that backpack is full of his stuff.  (Gus is Kodi's little brother as well.  Every time I come by their house with the twins, Gus comes out to explain things to the boys and hand them a big rock to throw.)
Then the bus came and all the kids filed in.  Is anyone else looking at that girl who quantum leaped here from 1986?  I swear I saw that very outfit at my grade school.
Dangit!  I'm crying at this photo again.  I was crying when I took it, I cried when I saw it on my screen...  Bridget had some serious last-minute jitters.  She held on to me tight and told me she was scared.  I was this close to telling her she didn't need to go, she could stay with me forever.  But she'd miss hot lunch.
As the bus was pulling away, little siblings lost their minds.  Some because they thought they were getting on the bus too and some because older brothers and sisters were leaving.  Poor Gus!  He packed his backpack and everything!
This isn't in focus, but I loved seeing the big kids hug their brothers and sisters as they got off the bus at the end of the day.  And of course, seeing my sweet girl carrying two backpacks (for some reason an LDS charity donated full backpacks to every 1st and 2nd grader this year).
She's over me taking her picture all the time.  (I also wanted to point out more 80's clothes in the background.  I can't get over it!)
Tradition!  The moms in the neighborhood made cupcakes again for the first day of school.  Bridget has come home talking a blue streak the last two days about...HOT LUNCH.  I'll take it.  This morning she said, "I can't wait until recess when I get to see KODI!"  Whatever gets you out of bed, Sweet Sweet Bridget. :)


melissa said...

Oh, she is just too sweet! Miles looked just like Gus the first day of school, too. He, too, packed his backpack like one of the guys. Hot lunch!

allyn said...

Lilja wants to live on your neighborhood. She can't get over the awesome mom parties that take place in the streets of you neighborhood and all the girls she could be best friends with who live there. It is all so utopian.
Bridget is growing up. How can this be?

Dan said...

That picture of Bridget with the jitters makes me cry, too! I'm so so sad Clara will never be in Bridget's class. Ah, first day of school coming up for Miss Clara!

Katy said...

I always cry on the first day of school. Sometimes I cry just watching my little girls run up the street to the bus stop on a regular day. Bridget looks so sweet and grown-up!

Wendy said...

Hmmm, you give kids cupcakes on the first day? I usually buy myself a cupcake for making it through the summer. You must be a good mom. Bridget even gets shoes that TIE? Bradley still has velcro, just not ready for that shoe tying battle yet.