Friday, September 27, 2013

Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like...

Hitting a Sponge Bob Square Pants pinata!  It's Nate's birthday this week and we got to celebrate with everyone on Sunday.  Grandpa procured a swing set from a friend who wasn't using it anymore and Nate thought it was for his birthday.  Um, YES! 
After the swing set, the boys noticed something special on the table.  They sure made Nate nervous with all their squealing and pointing.  (Emil is in my lap and quite concerned that Bridget has no head in the above photo.  Hahaha!  She's okay.)
Stop feasting your eyes on Emil and Colin's Middle Earth hairdos and look at Nate in the background.  (They got a haircut the next day, by the way.)

Once we finished eating dinner and singing to the birthday kids (McKade's birthday is also in September), Aunt Diana and Uncle Kyle brought out the big guns.  A Sponge Bob Square Pants PINATA!  And only Nate could take a swing at him.
I don't know, man.  It might make you that happy to swing a bat at Sponge Bob.  At one point SB was on the ground and Nate was still pummeling him.  Awesome.
 I don't know why they seem to be in such a hurry.  They were going to get all the candy no matter what.
Don't worry about Brighton, she's going to get what is her's, y'all.  So sassy!  I love it.
That's Debbie, Nicolette, Aiden and Diana watching the candy gathering.
I think this is what my Dad would call "scraggamuffin."  I chased after Emil with his candy and chocolate-covered face, trying to clean him up before he wiped anything on anyone and I slipped in some water I didn't see on the hardwood floor.  I went down like a cartoon grandma and fell on my hip.  Ouch!  I think I shook the house.
Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

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