Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Madness of March 2015

March has been kinda weird. It started with Colin in the ER with a concussion. He somehow dived head first off our bench at church and landed on the top of his head. After he'd hit his head, he couldn't seem to stay awake for anything and he was very pale. Scary. He went to Primary and (I found out later) insisted on his teacher holding him because he wanted to sleep. They brought him to me in Relief Society during the third hour and I took him to the Mothers' Room and held him while he slept. When we got home, Brian and I looked up the symptoms for concussion and decided Colin wasn't exhibiting enough of them to have a concussion, so we let him play. A few minutes later, Colin stood about four feet away from me and projectile vomited all over me. I changed my clothes, helped Brian clean up and we were off to the ER.
Sure enough, he had a concussion. Thank goodness no brain injury. He puked again in the ER (all over my pants and shoes) and the doctor gave us some anti-nausea medication. Poor baby! Colin is back to his old, daredevil self now. My campaign to convince them that baseball, tennis, swimming, basketball (what else?!) are all more awesome than football has begun. My heart can't take it.

We had some fun visits in March. Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Bob stopped by on their way to Arizona, then my bff Kellie and her family came, then Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Bob again. Kellie had Spring Break and they spent a few days in Utah. Five boys (four of whom are part of a twin pair) and Bridget. :) It didn't take long for the little boys to be friends.
Nick, Emil, Max, and Colin
Nick and Max are nine months older than Emil and Colin. Nick and Emil are the BIG brothers and Max and Colin are the wee ninjas. It's eerie how similar Nick and Emil are and Max and Colin are more like twins with each other than their actual twin brother. Max called me "Miss Cole" (all the women in his life are teachers) and he even told me he loved me. The feeling is totally mutual! I get the feeling that Nick takes a little more to be won over (just like Emil), so I have added that to my bucket list. :)
My boys were very interested in this whole "big brother" idea. They like to wrestle, eh? They have interesting toys, eh? They want to watch the same movies we do, eh? Tell us more, Xander. :)
That's Bridget's face when she's boy trapped. Ha! Don't feel too sorry for her, she's about to skip school and go skiing with her Dad. 
 There she is! Photo by Brian, of course.
Later that week, my parents came back after their vacation in Arizona. They came with me and the boys to Munch and Mingle at Bridget's school. We picked up Chick-fil-A and had a picnic on the baseball diamond. Fun! That very night, Brian took us to the Spring Scrimmage at BYU.
Brian has season tickets to BYU football. So far he has not taken me or any of the kids to a game. (He's invited me before, but we'd have to find a babysitter for, like, seven hours. Brian disputes that it takes seven hours, but they have to go early and eat and avoid traffic, then deal with traffic coming home besides watching the game. It's seven hours.) Brian was very happy showing us around his second home, the stadium. :)
The boys climbed and climbed and then complained about how hungry they were. (For real - we thought the Food Truck Roundup was at the stadium that night, but it was only three trucks. Two of them were dessert trucks. And there were two concession stands open. Now we know we can bring our own food.)
One of Brian's friends was watching the scrimmage from a box with his family. We spent a few minutes with them. (I should mention that Bridget was keeping me up-to-date on what was fun and what was not fun. In the box, not fun. Walking around the stadium looking for food, fun. Sigh.) It was a beautiful evening and kinda perfect being there with my little family. 

The next day Grandma Peggy, Bridget and I had big plans to visit Gardner Village and then go to the General Women's Meeting at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. We got a late start, but Grandma Peggy and Bridget finally got to be at the doll store together. :) Bridget brought a Zip-lock bag of change (she bought a yellow T-shirt for Annalee) and Grandma Peggy bought a bunch of shoes (right?). She let Bridget pick out a pair of shoes for Annalee, too. The three of us ate lunch at Archibald's, then ran to the car and raced to Salt Lake. We were definitely not in our seats by 5:30. We happened upon a pretty good parking spot just as I was thinking we were going to have to listen and watch from another building on Temple Square. We RAN down the streets and RAN up the stairs and sat down during the opening song. Whew! My feet, you guys. 
I didn't know if we'd get a chance to take photos afterward, so I snapped this selfie with Bridget while we were in line outside. That's Grandma Peggy's sleeve and glasses next to Bridget. Grandma would've fit, but I was trying to be discreet. The ladies behind me offered to take a photo of the three of us, but the line started moving. Anyway! I'm so happy we got to be there together. I was just teary this morning practicing a duet with Bridget on the piano. Having a daughter is THE BEST. Especially having Bridget for a daughter.
After the meeting we came out on the deck of the Conference Center as the sun was setting. It took my breath away! So beautiful - especially with all the happy women milling around taking photos together. I love this picture. Grandma Peggy and I limped back to the van (you guys, MY FEET!) while Bridget skipped and asked if we could walk around Temple Square. (No.) We made our way to Baskin Robbins for ice cream (duh) before heading home. It was my favorite! Let's do that again. :)

So, we're at the end of March. It's been amazing. :)


melissa said...

So fun! I can't believe you and your bestie have twin bestie boys. Living the dream! Also, Bridget keeping you up to date on what was fun is hilarious and familiar. Chloe was super jealous when I told her you guys were in the conference center. Let's all go together next time!

allyn said...

That was a mad month, indeed. Sorry about your feet. Get that taken care of, girl. You got a lot of years rushing places left.