Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

We did it! All the dreams came true and now there is a lot of candy in the house. I'm going to start with photos from Daddy's work on Friday afternoon. We coordinated with Aunt Claire and got there at the same time this year.
Don't they look adorable?! Claire made Ian's costume. Respect. And I saw for myself that Moira can walk! Not in the parking lot - don't be crazy. But she can do it!
We were all staring her down. It was a lot of pressure.
This is the kind of cooperation I was dealing with. For once we were there on time and the kids had access to the good candy - and lots of it. When these guys had worn out one set of parents, we took our kids to the room where they were decorating cookies and watching a movie. What?! That's how late we usually are - I didn't even know that did the cookie thing.
Looking out Daddy's office window.

After we'd filled the bags and written all over Daddy's white board in his office, we went to eat at Brick Oven. You know, leg two of the Parental Triathlon. No photos, of course. Who wants to see the inside of the public bathroom anyway? The food was good, though. 

Halloween Day started with me running errands with Emil. I let him push the cart at Michaels and he didn't even topple one display! We found the glow sticks for my piano students, went home and ate breakfast and hurried to the piano recital. I love the Halloween recital because the kids dress up and some of them even stay in character for their performance. Everyone was my favorite - they looked so great and everyone played well. Bridget memorized "Harry's Wondrous World" and played it like a pro. 
We're a long way from the recitals where she wouldn't even sit on the piano bench without me. She's got this. 

We came home and did some Saturday stuff - I even planted bulbs (it's going to be awesome). Around 4:30 we went to see Grandma and play with Nate for a little bit.
Nate was a Minion. :)
This is how they play at Grandma and Grandpa's.

We got home and Emil insisted on waiting on the porch for Archibald to come by and pick him up. I guess earlier in the day, the Archibalds had hitched some wagons to their riding lawnmower and said it would be okay for Emil to ride in it to go trick-or-treating. They might as well carve that in stone. Emil didn't wait in vain, though. :)

Meanwhile, Bridget and I met Clara and her family to begin the trick-or-treating. The boys were just finishing our neighborhood when Bridget started, so Colin made a full two laps around the neighborhood.
This is one of their favorite babysitters. :)
One of our lovely neighbors was serving hot dogs and hot cocoa. I made Bridget sit by their cat because it looks just like Hermione's cat. She was into it.
Emil went home to get his fire truck. His helmet and trick-or-treat bag are in the back. Behind the ladder. Tee hee hee.

And then it was too dark for photos. We walked and walked and walked! Colin handed me his bag and Emil handed Brian his bag, the better to RUN to every door. All the kids had glow bracelets and necklaces on, which was really the only way we kept track of them. Emil walked next to me so I could listen to him complain about having to walk when he'd been able to ride behind the lawnmower. We heard a dog howl and Emil asked, "Was that a werewolf?" Me: "Probably." Brian and I were so tired by the time we got home at 7:30 that we hurried and got the kids bathed and prayers and in bed by 8:15. Secretly it was 7:15 because Daylight Savings was over, but whatever. Time for bed.

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melissa said...

YAY! You did it! Every post with Nate is my favorite. :)