Monday, May 16, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Fun in Indiana? May 1975

It's a question because I can't tell where we are or if we are having fun.  On the proof sheet Grandpa Furniss wrote, "May 20, 1975 Vacation."  That makes me smile because it looks like a visit to see my parents and their grandchildren.  We take those kind of vacations now, too.  Everything revolves around seeing family and that's the way I like it.

Jennie, Dad (Robert), Mom (Peggy) and me.  It looks like we're on some kind of campus.  And Dad is wearing checkered pants and carrying a newspaper just in case some reading time pops up on this stroll with two small children.
I love this - doesn't every kid in the universe do this when they see a fence their size?  

When I first saw this one I thought those were some old looking cars.  Then I remembered this was the mid-1970s, y'all!
"We're surrounded by flames!  There's only one way out and it's...THE FIREMAN'S CARRY!"
This one was on the same proof sheet and I've seen lots of color versions of it.  This was my childhood - moving boxes and sitting around with Jen.
Me and Jennie taking an animal cracker break from moving boxes.


Jen said...

I love these photos! Why do I have Hobbit feet? Argh! And I love your knee socks :)

melissa said...

I love that you always point things out that I never would have noticed. (Dad bringing a newspaper along on his walk. Awesome.) Those are some super cute kids.

Mom said...

Aren't they adorable! The first picture was at the rest stop just across the NC border into Virginia. It does look like a college campus and is probably the nicest rest stop I've seen in this great country (and I've seen most of them!). Grandma and Grandpa F came to see us in Fayetteville just a few days after we moved into a rental house so we decided to leave the boxes and go to D.C. to look around. Sweet memories.

Ashley said...

Look at those arm rolls! Yummy...

allyn said...

it's probably the only time nicole looked like a southern woman; youknow, halter top with rolly polly arms and legs.
that is a nice rest stop. we pass it each time we go to GRANDMOTHER and papa's. i also love the fuzzy hair bows and the vintage animal cracker boxes.