Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monkey Maintenance

When the babies wear footie jammies to bed they tend to wake up with toe jam.  Bridget noticed this one day and it's her new obsession.  Every morning after I get a baby dressed, set him down somewhere and take the other baby in to get dressed I come back to find this:

She is picking the toe jam out of Colin's toes.  Like a monkey mama.  She can't wait to get at their little feet.

That's funny, right?  It cracks me up to watch her so intent on accomplishing this task. 

Emil takes the grooming pretty well, but Colin seems humiliated.  As usual, really.  It's just as well, Emil always has more toe jam than Colin since Emil is the chubby, sweaty baby.


Eliza said...

So funny! She's doing her part you help you.

allyn said...

i have needed a groomer for the little toes for years. can i borrow miss bridget? maybe noah will take on that responsibility. I can hear him now asking me, "mom, when baby enchiladas comes out can i clean the lint out from between his toes?"

Nicole said...

Baby Enchiladas?! Why didn't I think of that?