Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Pretend Brides May 1, 1982

In honor of the royal wedding, some photos from my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Kelly's wedding 29 years ago.  Kelly let each of us little girls wear the big slip from her wedding dress and her veil and parade around greeting the people.  It was the most fun EVER.  I have very clear memories of doing this and I know there are big color photos of each of us taking our turn, but these are from the proof sheet.  (Grandpa used his 35mm camera here, so the photos don't enlarge as well as the ones from his Hasselblad camera.)

First, Allyn's entrance.

Look how none of us can stand it, we're smiling so big.  And Allyn's face is killing me - her dreams are coming true!

Now, Melissa.

Koryn looks like she's going to burst with happiness in most of these photos.  I think I've never seen anything so cute.

For posterity's sake, that's Melissa in the middle as the bride and standing behind her from left to right is Katy, Koryn, Nicole (me), Jennie, and Allyn.


melissa said...

I'm bursting with happiness just looking at these pictures! Chloe was bursting with jealousy when she saw them. Was this actually during the reception, or aftewards. Is that Cousin Jill in the background?

Nicole said...

It was afterward during the clean up. And yes! Cousin Jill! :)

Mom said...

I love the looks on all your faces! I don't remember ever seeing these pictures. So cute!

Jen said...

We were singing, right? Sweating for sure. I love the one of Koryn putting the garter on me with my foot sticking out like an ugly stepsister. What cute little 'gals' and how very game of Kellie.

koryn said...

Is there a way for me to steal these off your blog? I have discovered that in spite of the fact that I did indeed live with parents, Granpa has the lion's share of photos of me at this age! I so love these of all of us - I have absolutely no memory of this! Thanks foe the cuteness shout out - I think I needed that today!