Friday, May 6, 2011

At the Farm

Yesterday was beautiful!  Bridget insisted we go to Farm Country with the babies and Angelyn, Tyce, and Lauren needed to get out too.  It was Emil and Colin's first trip to the farm.  They seemed inspired and impressed.  Bridget and Tyce ran by all the animals.  We had to remind them several times to slow down and look at things.  They've been cooped up too long, I guess.

As you can see, the babies are all about life on the farm.  VERY interesting.  (Who's Dinah?!)

Floods look even floodier when you're riding a horse.
I love this view of Colin.
And this one of Emil.
This family of llamas, sheep, goat, and pony all ate lunch from the same bowl - the one with the baby lamb in it.
Watching the ducks.
I think the ducks were Lauren's favorite.  And chasing Bridget and Tyce around the soil room.  (Ew.  That could be a gross place, if you think about it.)
Colin loved learning about soil!  
We weren't there long - just exactly the right amount of Farm Country.  When we got home I made the mistake of getting Emil out first.  He was wearing shorts and there was poop all the way down both legs and in the car seat.  Emil smiled really big at me as I tried to contain the damage while listening to Colin scream from his car seat.  I guess that is what Emil learned at the farm - poop anywhere, any time. 


allyn said...

i thought emil already knew that lesson. isn't he the grand champ?
cute stuff. you are exposing your children to excellent learning opportunities

Jess said...

This has been great weather- FINALLY! Those kids of yours are adorable. What big smiles! And sorry about the bad luck with the blow outs. Yuck.

Kristi said...

Bahaha! I love Farm Country! Glad it was a fun time for all.

Andrea said...

Poop stories are my favorites. The grosser the better. My kids agree. They fight over who was the worst pooper as a baby. So far Savannah has won. Up the crack, up the back into her hair, every time! Hahaha!
PS Emil and Colin have the same eyelashes!! LONG!!! That's about it as similarities go...