Friday, August 26, 2011

Splash Park

It's the last week of the Summer of Bridget, which makes it the perfect time to introduce her to one of the local Splash Parks.  (If she'd known it was there the whole time, I would have been pestered every day to take her, see.)  Our nice friends invited us to go and even offered to pick Bridget up, but she wanted me to come, which I couldn't resist.  That means the babies had to come too (during lunch - I fed them at the park because I am a HERO) and we picked up Kodi as we left the neighborhood.  (Of course we got Shannon's permission first.)  It took about three seconds for them to get in a surprise-fountain-up-the-nose zone. 
That's Kodi and Clara on the other side of the water.
There was also a "river" with giant rocks all over the place.  Even though school has started for the big kids, the place was packed.  And super hot.
Most of the mothers at this park brought giant pavilion tents, something they probably learned by coming to the Splash Park before.  Hot and no shade except under the baby trees.  There's nothing my little boys love more than being hot, wearing a hat, and sitting on a blanket.
I could only hold one baby while I tried to get pictures of Bridget playing, so Colin (the not-heavy baby) got passed around a little.
Harmony's little boy was totally fine with this arrangement.  (Not really.)
The ritual of the sunscreen.  What did they do back in the day?  I don't remember my Mom ever putting sunscreen on me.  Did we just stay in the shade?  Get sunburned?
This is Lauren and Henry's rookie season, so they didn't get to see much play time.  It's good to watch the juniors and seniors closely to pick up some moves.
I think Henry figured it out.
Remember doing this?  Stretching out on the hot sidewalk to dry off and get warm before diving back in.  Kodi and Bridget start kindergarten next week and Clara goes to preschool.  Bittersweet.


RCH said...

I think the only time I ever got sunscreen as a kid was when we went to the beach (when we visited my CA grandparents). Otherwise, I got burned once or twice a summer (the "base layer") and then it calmed down into a tan.

I got a sunburn for the first time in forever a few years ago and it was such an unfamiliar sensation that it actually took me a couple days to figure out why my legs were stinging. I am S-M-R-T. ;-)

My verification word is SUBMICI. Which asks like it's asking me to submit my comment in Italian.

RCH said...

*Sounds like not asks like. Definitely a smarty pants here.

Kristi said...

Bittersweet, indeed. Those three girls sure have become so much fun this last month of summer! Three is a good number when you're four and five-years-old. Not when you're thirteen. ;)