Monday, August 29, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Makeover 1978

In 1978 my family lived in a Connor's Mobile Home in the middle of "The Basin" near Oakley, Idaho.  Did I say The Basin?  It was actually The Basin of Nimh.  Mice everywhere.  We were in their field, I guess.  (I had to pause to shiver.)  Bridget likes to hear stories when I was little before she goes to sleep at night.  A few nights ago I told her about my heroic rescue of my family the night my parents couldn't find the keys to the mobile home.  I was put through the bathroom window and I unlocked the door for everyone.  It was a proud moment.  Today the photo is one of me and Jennie doing Katy's hair.
Katy looks like she's about to take off.  There is one other picture on the proof sheet of this activity and, indeed, she is out of focus because she is done!  Almost as usual, I'm missing my sisters this morning.  This brings back lots of fun memories. :)


Mom said...

I'm missing your sisters (and you!) too, and my little girls. Hard to believe Katy would sit still for this - you must have bribed her big time!

allyn said...

everyone should have at least three sisters on which to try out her latest hair creation. katy was also my beauty-school drop-out creations.
how did mom get jennie's bangs so perfectly straight? that's what i want to know.
always missing you all.