Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ruby's Blessing

Brian, Rob, David (holding Ruby), David Sr., and Bob

From December 19th to July 1st, there were five new babies born on my side of the family.  Makenzie's little girl (the only girl of the five), Ruby, is the last of them.  Little Ruby was blessed on Sunday and we were there - for all three hours of Makenzie and David's ward.  (My first thought on seeing pictures of myself from this event was, "I look old and tired."  Because I am old and tired after three hours of wrestlemania and the like at church.)  David did a lovely job blessing their little girl and, as always, it was a pleasure to be with family on such an occasion.  The rest of this story will be pictures.

Wax on, wax off.
Bridget ended up in a Primary class with a bunch of boys.  She wouldn't go in until the one girl in the class showed up.  Close one!
Claire had two adorable french braids in her hair about two minutes before this photo was taken.
Ruby wore Makenzie's blessing dress and she's wrapped in the blanket Grandma Shirley made.
This is as good as it got, Kenz.  Sorry about Gabriel with the car in his mouth.
Can you believe I only had their neighbor take one picture?  He had four cameras to go, so I didn't dare ask.
I love this photo!  This looks the most like Colin, minus his usual grin.
I promise Ian smiled huge right after this.
Ruby!  She was perfectly silent and still through the blessing.  Then she slept in Grandma's arms for the rest of church.  Unlike SOME people I know.
Ah!  That face was for Emil.  I was holding him at the time.
Cookies from Grandma Peggy!
I love that her hair is out of control and she has a perfect little face. :)
Emil fell asleep like that.
We wanted to get a photo of all four of the babies together, so we put these two clowns down first.  (Allyn's baby, Chance, is the only one of the five missing from the next few pictures.)
They were all so excited to be together!
Emil: "Hey, you're not Colin."
What a bunch of hams!  (Seriously - Emil smells like a ham every morning.)
That's it!  More pictures than I thought.  :)


Mom said...

I don't know - I think we all looked pretty old and tired, except Ruby, of course. You got some great pictures. I have a cute one of the babies with Emil's hand on Ruby's head. So cute! Loved Ruby sticking her tongue out at Emil - it probably won't be the last time she makes a face at her boy cousins.:)
It was a special day!

martinizing said...

Thanks for reporting that. It was a great day and we loved seeing you here. Thanks for muscling though all of church for us:) I love Ruby's little drum stick legs compared to the boys'. We missed Chance for sure.

RCH said...

Awwwww, babies! (::Melt, melt::) Your boys are getting so big!

melissa said...

Those babies are KILLING ME with their cuteness! Thank you for sharing pictures and making me feel like I was there without actually having to wrestle with kids at church. Winning!