Monday, September 12, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Melissa & Makenzie in Oakley 1983

After last week with another photo of the first four Lee girls, I thought it was high time we saw numbers five and six.  These are from a proof sheet of photos taken on September 29, 1983.
Awwww!  Aren't they cute!  That was "The Little's" dollhouse we got (a present for all of us) for Christmas one year.  Each of us girls got a different doll with the furniture for one room.
Sweet Melissa.  My children won't believe me (someday) that the TV in the background was the only TV in our home at the time.  I believe that is a 12" screen.
Makenzie was such a fun baby.  She has the same hair as Carol Brady.  Remember the pipe chairs?!  Awesome.  Looks like they are being used as a coat rack.  That's about right.
This photo was on the same proof sheet.  The new seminary building!  You can just barely see the edge of our house on the right.  What a great commute!  I told Bridget about singing for my Daddy's seminary students when I was little.  "So, so, so, so, Grandpa Bob worked at the cemetery where they put all the people when they die?!!"  Did I mention that I spend most of my life explaining myself? :)


melissa said...

Pahahahaha! "So, so, so, so . . ." That's awesome. Thanks for this. I love the light in those pictures. I also love pictures of me looking cute that I've never seen before.

Cole said...

It's fun to see you girls as kids and try to figure out which of their kids look like them. I'm also loving the dollhouse to be shared between 6 girls. Did that work out well?

Jess said...

Okay, one of these days I'll remember to log in as myself when I leave comments on blogs. :)

allyn said...

miles is definitely melissa. anytime i see a picture of her as a toddler the mystery on who he looks like is solved for me.

very fun stuff on those proof sheets.

Mom said...

Love seeing those cute little mugs again! Thanks!

Katy said...

Sooooo cute!!