Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful Day

Something about this day made everything beautiful.  My children looked extra beautiful to me today.  The weather was perfect.  The leaves are changing.  Ahhh.  And I got a photo that is easily in my Top 5 Photos I've Ever Taken.
I opened the front door because I knew these guys would come running.  They mean business.  (In front, that is.  That hair is all party in the back.)
They have to be strapped down for me to get a photo in focus these days.  Look at how beautiful Colin's eyes are!  And four very sharp teeth.
Emil looks so different every day.  His bedface makes him almost unrecognizable in the morning.
Sometimes they are into the same thing at the same time.  Messing with the blinds is a great bonding experience.
This is the opposite of what it looks like.  Colin actually backed into Emil, who was sitting there minding his own bidness.
Bridget and her friends set up a coloring station on the sidewalk in front of our house tonight.
Colin is good with the ladies, so he headed over to say "hi."
Here it is!  My favorite picture maybe EVER.  If you are a woman and you have little siblings, you have made this face. :)
Naturally Emil was crawling in the opposite direction.
These three were so cute I couldn't stand it.  In this photo they are discussing the best color for lips.  Red if it's warm outside and purple if it's cold. 


Angelyn said...

Awesome pictures! I love the one with Bridget's jaw dropped. Cherish the beautiful days :)

Mom said...

Thanks for sharing the day in pictures! So hilarious - I'm still laughing!

Jill said...

I love Bridget's expression. Mary Kate sported that expression daily when the twins were in the 'get into everything' stage. (I'm not sure they are out of it yet) She still gets a little nervous when she sees them coming. It's a conditioned response.

I love your take me back.

melissa said...

Thanks for laugh, man. So much love for this post.

kenzie said...

Purple if it's cold! Ha. Little people are so logical. Your boys are too much!