Monday, October 17, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Thanksgiving 1974

I could probably do a Thanksgiving photo every week until Thanksgiving.  This one is from 1974 at my Furniss Grandparents' house.  (They're using the plates and glasses I use about once a week.  Awwww - that makes me oddly happy.)  From left to right we have Jen (23 months old), Mom, Dad holding me (I'm 11 months old), and my Uncle Mark.  Everyone has such wonderful facial expressions and we have sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes in the foreground.  The perfect Thanksgiving photo.  Discuss!


melissa said...

So many things to love about this photo, but Uncle Mark's mighty honcho 'stache gets me every time.

allyn said...

the stache and the overjoyed expression are pretty perfect. mom doesn't seem to be too hungry, and why has no one touched the cranberry sauce yet?
i am going to say that is cousin jill's arms extending the mashed potatoes in the bottom right corner.
those were the days.

Jen said...

23 months old eating on the china plate with a silver fork. That's right, I am in charge! Uncle Mark definitely walks away with this one.

Mom said...

There really are so many things to love in this picture - classic expressions, Disney bibs that Grandma bought for her first grandchildren, the pussy-willow bowl that was used most of my life. I have no idea who's arms those are bottom right. Jill is a good guess.
Love Thanksgiving!