Monday, November 28, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: SMURF SLEEPING BAG 1983

In 1983 my Furniss grandparents gave all of us the indoor kind of sleeping bags.  Makenzie, who is a month away from being two years-old here, got a Smurf sleeping bag.  I used to snicker a little at my Mom's over-the-top face in this photo, but now I get it.  Kids don't know how awesome something is until they see how awesome their parents think it is, right?  IT'S A SMURF SLEEPING BAG, GO AHEAD AND FREAK OUT!  There are other blogtastic things happening in this picture - Makenzie's "bangs" starting at the back/ top of her head.  (I think we should call it something besides bangs at that level.)  It's fun for me to see Jennie and me in the background chillin'.  My Mom always worked so hard (still does) at making holidays memorable for us.  Can you imagine keeping track of what eight different children wanted?  The pressure to make everyone happy must have been heavy.  Good job, Mom. :)     


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Also blogtastic: look how fashion forward you were with your jeans tucked into your cognac colored boots. :)

Mom said...

Thanks! Try adding twenty-five grandkids to the mix!
I remember the year I totally bombed on your Christmas- badly that on New Year's Day you said one of your goals for the year was to get good Christmas presents.
Love seeing our darling girls.:)