Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Brian and I got married 15 years ago today.  I went through our photo albums and picked a photo from each year, then I made some collages.

1996 - 2000

2001 - 2005

2006 - 2011

We celebrated a few weeks ago by leaving our children and half of the stuff in our house with Brian's parents while we went to Vail, Colorado for a few nights.  We ate warm food, talked to each other without interruption, slept through the night.  After almost a year of not having any of those things, it sure was nice.  

Brian has been wanting to teach me how to ski since we got married.  One of my areas in the mission field was Vail, so we took a trip down memory lane and did something we've never done - go skiing together.  I am good at quite a few things.  Skiing is not one of them.  I fell down a lot.  My body still hasn't totally recovered - most of my right thigh and bum is still purple and blue.  Brian was very kind, as he always is.  We know two things we didn't know before; I cannot ski and Brian doesn't like Nutella.  

We sure missed our little kiddies.  Brian and I have always been a pretty good team, but being parents together is probably the greatest pleasure of my life.  Happy anniversary to us. :)


Angelyn said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jill said...

I love the collages. I might have to copy you on that someday, but is that a New York Yankees jersey I spy on you Nicole? Are you a Yankee's fan? I didn't know that anyone outside of New York liked the Yankees.

Today is my husbands birthday AND your anniversary. What a great day!

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary! I also love the collages.

melissa said...

I'm so happy for you and your trip! I think what we've all learned from these collages is that you two have fantastic hair. M.F.E.O.

allyn said...

you guys are one of theee most handsome couples i know. add the kiddies and it is a gorgeous lot. i am so glad you got to go on a romantic ski trip with each other. sorry you didn't take to it...and thanks for making me cry at the end there. GO TEAM!

Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! I had no idea you went skiing. Skiing just does not seem to be in our genes.:(