Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Story Time at Grandma's 1984

This is Melissa, Katy, and Allyn in the couch pull-out bed in Grandma and Grandpa Furniss's family room.  It was late winter in 1984 and a few months later we'd move to Pocatello from Oakley.  We moved fairly often and the only thing that makes moving bearable for a kid is having friends for siblings.  This photo made me think of that. 

I'm amazed at the skill involved in this photo.  Where is the light coming from?  It seems to only be on the girls and no where else.  Good job, Grandpa.  I bet he could have told me exactly what his camera was set on... :)

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allyn said...

That is exactly how I remember our visits to the gparent's. That is also how feel about our moves. Who knows what kind of crazy would have happened if we didn't have each other in the moves.