Monday, March 19, 2012

Family History Photo of the Week: Larry's 4th Birthday

I know!  I've been dipping into this well a little too much, but I couldn't stand it.  I didn't edit out the edges of the photo so you could see I wasn't the one who edited my Dad's face out.  Did my Great Grandma Bessie England take this photo?  She's the only person missing, so I want to say yes.  Legend has it that she favored my Uncle Larry over my Dad and I have to say this is some key evidence to that claim.  (Is that a shadow or did Charlie have ears the better to hear you with, dearie.  Goodness!) 


allyn said...

hahaha! hey trophy head. looks like he got ggpa england's ears. that i funny that dad is conveniently cut off. i hope larry was over joyed with his new dungarees.
grandma looks very cute. and larry is too adorable.

melissa said...

I love seeing pictures of Grandma with her hair down. I wonder if she still has that dress. It would be cute on me. I'll bet she does. I'll ask.

I love that you can still identify Dad by the part in his hair.

Katy said...