Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bridget's Permanent Record

We have officially gone through the last week of school with our first child.  This is mostly craziness, people.  Once again it feels like the school and the whole town assumes everyone knows how all this works.  I do not.  We went to the Dance Festival yesterday.  Daddy came too after some work friends were incredulous that he wasn't planning on going.  Who?  What?  WHAT?!  Sheesh.  The thing is that I was emotional through the whole thing.  Brian and I are almost 40 years old and we are finally experiencing a child in school.  I realized that she would have memories of this and for some reason that thought made me feel very present.  This is happening!  We're watching our very own child dance with her class!  Surreal.
Where's Bridget: Dance Festival Edition.
Each grade ran onto the field when it was their turn to dance, but the Kindergartners marched arms length apart, single file.
Is it just me, or is Bridget the only one doing this right?  
She was killing me with her cuteness.  Her friend, Kodi, said she was glad Bridget was in front of her because Bridget knew all the moves.
It was kind of hilarious to see all the different versions of these dances.  Also, I think the top ten songs from 1985 were all represented.  Shout out!
The Brothers enjoyed rubbing the sunscreen into their eyes, getting in and out of their strollers and on and off the chairs, trying to suck the straws of the drinks other people brought, screaming (always), and sometimes grooving to the music.
That's our girl.  A few hours away from being finished with Kindergarten.  I don't even know what song she's dancing to because I was so concerned about getting photos and not stepping on people.  

Today was officially the last day of school.  They went for an hour and a half.  I totally misunderstood the flyer and didn't get her to the bus stop on time.  It was the first time ever that she missed the bus.  I've failed!  Luckily we weren't the only ones who didn't get it right and she was able to walk into the classroom with four other kids.  I made up for it by getting her some balloons to meet her getting off the bus.
It is a red letter day when I buy balloons.  I don't like them.  
Kodi and Bridget done with Kindergarten forever!
Digging for Popsicles at Jennica's house.  Somehow they didn't get hit with the water balloons that were also at Jennica's place.
This looks kind of mean, but Gus and Freddy were trying to make Emil and Colin laugh.  As you can see, my boys are a tough crowd.
These are some of my favorite girls - Annie, Abby, Brittany, and Millie.  Annie took her purse to the last day of school.  :)
Time to fill up the pool now that they've been home for three minutes.
Let the Happiest Summer Ever begin!


Kristi said...

Hooray for Bridget being done with Kindergarten forever! Let the summer fun begin, no? :)

Ashley said...

I have summer stripes just like that kid! I'll spare you the picture...

Loved Bridget's dancing pictures--I had the exact thoughts you wrote while scrolling through them :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bridget on your
graduation from kindergarten - same to Mom and Dad. What a special day and great dance moves
Bridgee. We are very proud of you.

Love ya, G & G K.

melissa said...

Stop it! Too much cuteness! Yes, Bridget was the only one doing it right. This is our third year at my kid's school and I still haven't figured out all the super important traditions that I'm supposed to know I have to participate in. Who does these things?

Thanks for the laugh, Little Naked Boy!

JenAllred said...

I hope that girl is taking dance lessons- she looks awesome!