Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ogden on Memorial Day

We decided to test out our new DVD player in the van and drive to Ogden to visit my grandparents graves last Saturday.  After about 20 minutes at the cemetery, it started to rain pretty hard.  I got a few pictures of the kids before the downpour, though.  The cemetery was a confusing place for my baby boys.  Don't touch anything even though some of the things look like toys and good stuff to climb on.
Ooooohhhh!  A pinwheel!
Mama said "no," but that only stops one of the babies some of the time.
Planting a rose bush by a headstone is very nice, I think.
Still thinking about hitting that pinwheel.
Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Aaron finally showed up so the party could start.
There we were: Steve, Pam, Peggy, Aaron, Nicole, and Bob at the Ogden Cemetery.
We went out to eat at the Rainbow Gardens after the cemetery.  The babies had passed up their usual lunch time and we were entering nap territory before the food came.  Crackers only make a man happy for so long, y'all.  We did take some nice muffins home and also a fun brother, so it was worth the trip.

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