Friday, January 31, 2014


For Christmas 2013, Bridget and Clara got the same gift from their Dads - skiing together. During January, Dan and Brian took Clara and Bridget skiing on two different Saturdays. The girls were in heaven. Brian would rather ski with Bridget than with his friends these days. There's something about watching our children discover wonderful things for the first time. 
The photo and the following video were from their first day on the slopes together. Snowing and freeeeezing. I love many things about the video - Brian is skiing backwards to catch the girls, Bridget is talking the whole time :), they're going so fast and look so smooth, that patch of sunlight they ski through, and Clara bops Bridget on the helmet with her ski pole as they pass Brian. Seven year-old girls - too cute. (Bridget is in the blue ski pants and the purple, blue and white coat that every other kid in her school has. I found that out the hard way when I looked for her in the bus line on a snowy day.)


melissa said...

So sweet! Bridget is impressive, but Brian skiing backwards really blew my mind.

allyn said...

Love it!

Kristi said...

How am I just now seeing this?! Bah. LOVE that our girls did this this year. I stole this picture for my blog as well. Hope that's ok. Also, you can tell just how cold it is because Dan (who never gets cold) is bundled in his coat with no skin on his face showing.