Friday, January 24, 2014

"My turn, Colin"

The boys say that to me and each other a lot. When it's Emil it's, "My turn, Mo." He pats his tummy as he says it. Make no mistake who we're talking about here, Mom. Colin has needed some adventures of his own with Emil getting to go to preschool. We took him to the train show at Thanksgiving Point a few weeks ago. He loved it so much that one of the train guys asked me if we were going to the show in Ogden in a few weeks. I couldn't stop myself from laughing at that. Because, no. I pretended the kids were funny.
It was fun to see and hear Colin freak out about every single train he saw. He thinks they're all Thomas. (We rode Frontrunner to Provo and back a few weeks ago. We do train stuff on the weekends. It was $15 and I think the boys were more entertained than they would have been at the movie.)
The nice man who thought we wanted to go to Ogden for a train show let the kids hold this awesome engine. It's heavier than it looks. Colin needs new pants. Getting Emil's hand-me-downs is not working out.
After the train show we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. We try taking the boys into a restaurant every four months or so to see if it's time yet. Based on our experience at China Isle, it's not time yet.

Another one of Colin's dreams came true yesterday. A week ago when Emil got off the afternoon bus, the bus driver handed him a sucker. So, not only did Emil get to ride the bus, go to school, and ride the bus home, he also got a sucker. Poor Colin! I asked the bus driver for another sucker and she asked me why Colin didn't ride the bus. GOOD QUESTION. So! She fixed it all up for us and now Colin gets to ride the bus home from speech therapy on Thursdays.
And they got treats! Yes. Finally Colin's turn.


Mr and Mrs C said...

Nicole, you are such a wonderful Mom to those kiddos.

melissa said...

Too bad I totally cried that Colin gets to ride the bus home. Hooray!

allyn said...

Ok, I am glad I was not the only one who had a happy moment for Colin getting to ride the bus. So so sweet of that bus driver. Trains are so fascinating to little boys. I wonder what it is?