Friday, June 13, 2014

That's One Thing

Bridget is a GO GO Girl. Not that kind. She just has to be GOING all the time. Every day we have to do ONE thing that is super fun, or the day has not been successful. Here are some photos from our first day of summer. (It's just me, but every day has felt like a week. I have a few piano students in the morning, we get out All The Stuff and play in the backyard, or go to the Chicken Park and play and eat. I'm wiped out by 1:00 in the afternoon. I'm 40 years old.)
These photos make me look so fun. Most of it has been so fun. I put my iPod in the open window so they could dance on the patio and it was so cute I had to hold back tears. (Do you like how Emil sticks his bum out when he dances? He likes it.) Around 5:00 every afternoon, though, I lose my voice from yelling, "SHUT THE DOOR!" And I meet my quota for begging the boys to stop fighting and bawling. Did you catch that photo of Colin's shiner? That was Emil's way of giving the Kindle to him when it was Colin's turn to play Minion Run. (In the last photo I asked them to be purple minions. Lots of spitting with those dudes.) It's definitely the Witching Hour. But, ahhhh, those summer mornings. :) ("Tell me more! Tell me more!")


melissa said...

You're totally a fun mom! Miles sticks his bum out when he dances, too. Buddies!

Right now it's 4:30pm and all of my children are on their own naughty chairs. Serenity now!

Jess said...

My oldest is "Go Go" boy and it kind of drives me nuts. WHAT are we going to DO today?!? I insist on naptime/quiet time every day at 1:00 to regain some sanity, but I suspect it won't be coming back until late August. :) But it looks like you have the fun Mom thing down. I am taking notes.

Mr and Mrs C said...

Fun Moms are the MOST tired Moms!!! My 13 year old is still a "go-go" boy...ugh!

kenzie said...

You'd probably be exhausted by 1 even if you were 30. Sweet pictures of sweet moments:)