Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day and Birthday Preview

Aww. There they are. The kids are always happy to pose with Daddy for the Father's Day photo.
I told them to give Daddy kisses and Bridget responded first.
Then Colin. (Ha! Emil's face.)
Wait? Kiss who? Funny Mo.

For the Father's Day/June Birthday Party with Brian's family we brought smoked ribs and a caramel cake. We borrowed a smoker and even did a practice run the Friday before. I have new respect for people and even restaurants who smoke ribs because that is all day. Whew! We learned a lot on the practice run, so the Sunday ribs were really good. Before we could get to dinner, though, we had to perform the traditional wheelchair arrival of the person turning 40. That's Brian.
He's heavier than he looks, I think. :)
This does not bode well for me that a strong boy and the #1 Dad can't push Brian in a wheelchair. 
We also sang to this cutie pie. Bridget will be eight years old in eight days!
Aunt Dena with her grand-baby, Brighton.
Great Grandma with Aiden
The Fathers on Father's Day. (Hal, Brian, Grandpa, Aiden, Kyle, and Jed.)
Lighting the candles on the caramel cake. (If you go to the recipe link, you'll see a much different looking cake. I poured the frosting on while it was warm this time and then tried to keep it on the sides before it hardened. Either way it tastes amazing.)
We had to light the candles twice because someone sitting next to Bridget blew the candles out before she had a chance.
Bridget came into our room half asleep Sunday night and curled up next to me. We put a blanket on her and let her sleep while we read our books. That is perfect happiness, by the way.
There was no leftover cake. You really should make it.


Anonymous said...

The ribs were wonderful and the cake
amazing, as well as all the other food that showed up. It was a wonderful fathers day and birthday party. Thanks everyone.

Grandma K.

melissa said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday and Father's Day, Brian! Bridget looks so stinkin' sweet. I had a weird Gollum-like reaction to the picture of your caramel cake. ("My PRECIOUS!") It made me feel scared inside.