Thursday, December 31, 2015

Marco's Quilt, Last of the Lone Stars, and Pop Picnic Quilt

Just a quick report of three quilts I made that are now safely in the hands of their new owners. Since Makenzie decided to have a boy instead of a girl, I made a grid quilt with more appropriate colors than the pink and red I originally had for her.
The fabrics are from a line with characters from the "Guess How Much I Love You" book, which is one of my favorites.
Minky on the back, of course. I don't know if I love the quilting pattern. I liked it on paper, but not so much in real life. Hmmm.
Once again Makenzie had The Most Beautiful Baby Ever. Little Marco, from the pictures - I haven't seen him in real life yet :(, is perfect.

I have completed my mission to make every couple in my family a lone star quilt! It has been my homage to our Great Grandma Rhoda Paskett Lee. She made one for all her children and grandchildren and now I've made one for eight of her great grandchildren. This year I made a lone star quilt for Rob and Claire.
I took fabrics from a few different lines, starting with the center fabric. I liked it because it had black with all those bright colors and I don't see that very often. The colors reminded me of Claire, so I went with it. (These same colors reminded me of Claire when I made Moira's blanket last year. Interesting.)
Dragonflies, amIright?
Thank goodness Kristi was with me when I chose the background fabric. I was STUCK on getting a black and white polka dot for the background fabric, but she found an awesome alternative. I'm glad I didn't use a solid. So much more interesting that way.

Lastly, I did a quick picnic quilt for Kellie this year. I found the bottle cap fabric and couldn't think of a cute way to put it into a new pattern, so I just used one big piece of fabric with a border. Denim on the back, of course. The only technical thing I did with this quilt was the piping on the binding. That equals special. ;)
That's it for December 2015. For all of 2015, actually. I should do a collage. Or eat breakfast. One.

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