Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Loudest Christmas Ever

Bridget asked Santa for a karaoke machine. Emil asked for a remote control monster truck. Colin got Power Ranger Zords (who knows what he was asking for). Santa came through and who knew we were in for a very noisy morning.
This is what they looked like waiting to go in to see what they'd won. They're all wearing the new pajamas they'd opened Christmas Eve. Bridget's American Girl doll, Analy (her spelling) also got new pajamas. When Bridget went shopping with Grandma Peggy just after Thanksgiving, she bought a Christmas stocking for Analy at the American Girl Store. Then she wondered many times what Analy would get from Santa. You. Guys. Where was I? Oh, Colin's face. Not to worry, one second later it was this:
Dino Zord Mega Pack! Later Christmas morning Brian watched a 30 minute video on YouTube of a grown man putting all the Dino Zords together. Please tell me I haven't just seen Colin's future. The guy kept saying that some things were "show accurate" and some things weren't. Yesterday I watched an episode of Power Rangers with Colin and guess what? It is a giant, red plastic T-Rex that stomps into the forest during a Power Ranger stand-off with a guy who looks like he could be the mascot for a coastal university. 
Bridget opening her karaoke machine. (Analy got a suitcase. She was very happy.)
We got lots of books this year, which is awesome. Melissa's family had us this year and we got each person in their family's favorite book. I totally stole that idea from my brother, Aaron, when Melissa asked what she should get us.
I gave each of the boys a giant animal pillow and books to read. Colin's is a lion and Emil's is a dog. They both drag them all over the house in case they need to stop and be "cozy." 
He has too much power. Brian is studying how to get songs on Bridget's karaoke machine. Both of us were totally sweating after getting all the toys out of the boxes, putting batteries in, showing the kids how to use stuff. Next year, wooden toys.
She is so happy! (Pretty sweatshirt from Grandma Peggy.) She's been perfecting Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" since Christmas. It's as good as that song is ever going to be. Last night she performed it with Colin on the other microphone. He sang the chorus with her. :) (Brian got the boys sleeping bags. Quiet and useful gift. We needed that.)
Seeing this mess again is making my blood pressure go up. It was the whole upstairs! So many boxes and so much paper! The kids were loving everything, though. Emil is showing Colin the Paw Patrol watch he got in his stocking. Bridget is opening her gift from me - fabric that she can color with fabric markers and then I'll help her make something with it. And a book called 100 Science Facts. Bridget used her microphone from Emil to read us science facts while Daddy and I did the LaVell Edwards Stadium puzzle she gave Brian. Facts!

It took us a lot longer than usual to get everything opened and operational, so we got to Grandma and Grandpa's later than we'd planned. That meant we got to see more people, which is fun. The kids each brought a gift they wanted to show Grandma. Bridget took the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera she got in her stocking. I can't help it - I'm totally jealous of most of Bridget's gifts! She got a Wylde Style Lego alarm clock. It's okay - I got what I asked for - new measuring cups and spoons and a tripod for my camera. I just didn't know I needed a purple instant camera and a Lego-themed alarm clock. ;)
What can you do? Zords make Colin happy.
Emil got this Lego set from Grandma. It has a red motorcycle in it.
Show-accurate Dino Zord and Plesio Zord. 

One last thing, the boys got Cars Walkie-Talkies in their stockings. I had no idea Brian's hidden talent is speaking Walkie-Talkie. :) 

I've taken down the Christmas stuff and we're on to 2016 now. It was a fun Christmas. I'd like to do less next year, if possible, though. I'm for real about the wooden toys.

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