Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

I've finally had my fill of Best & Worst Lists (they're my favorite, next to smiling) and vacation schedule. It's time to get down to business. Who better to start with than Li Shen:

Santa brought Bridget a Mulan doll and a Li Shen doll for Christmas. Just like the movie, Shen turns out to be all talk. The very first time he sat down he broke his hip. This is why boys should not be dolls - they have no idea what it takes. Shen will not be making a man out of anyone in this house because Bridget replaced him with:
Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Much better. This princess can sit down AND cook. Stupid Shen.

For most parents it's Santa or the grandparents who give a child an ill-advised toy. This year it was Brian who bought a "tent" for Bridget and officially crossed the line. What line? This line:
That is not a tent, it is a castle. Inside is our little girl dressed as Cinderella. It's bubblegum pink and I can stand up in it without bumping my head. Very subtle, very 2010.


Other items of business, 2010 is The Year of Nicole. (Also the year of the tiger.) This year I will:

1. Make the perfect roast chicken.
2. Win something (anything - the universe owes me at this point).
3. Host Thanksgiving and set the most perfect table anyone has ever seen.
4. Do the Yuba Triathlon in September. (For anyone who didn't read my blog in 2008, my deciding to do a triathlon this year is not nonsense.)

That's what I will be doing. I won't be:

1. Drinking carbonation.
2. Contributing in any way to Miley Cyrus's career. In fact, I hope I just spelled her last name wrong.
3. Eating at Carl's Jr.
4. Watching any of the "real" housewives on Bravo. It's going to take a year to rebuild my faith in humanity because of those rotten ladies.

That concludes our business for today. I'd post pictures from Christmas, but I was having a Bad Photographer day that day. Seriously. Bad light, bad angles, bad focus. BAD. I like these, though.


Kristina P. said...

No Real Housewives? I weep for you.

Angie said...

He broke his hip sitting down! That's hilarious.

How many times are you going to give up carbonation? It always pulls you back. You may as well accept that it's the one thing no one can do without.

Jill said...

I love the Princess castle! At our house Mike is allowed to give Mary Kate over the top gifts that spoil her beyond belief. I don't know how he gets away with it? This year she got a puple I-pod! What? For some reason he thinks dads are supposed to spoil their girls.

I like your list of things that you won't be doing in 2010. I think I'll try that. It might work better for me than a list of do's.

melissa said...

That tent is totally out of control and I really need to stop reading your blog with Chloe sitting next to me. ("TIANA!" "A PRINCESS TENT!") She mostly wants to live with you.

Good for you and your goals. High five!

amylouwho said...

yes, the list of won'ts is a great idea!

My husband thinks Alison dresses up too much as it is. I don't think I could get him near that tent. It's cool though! See you next week-ish?

kenzie said...

I love that Le Shen doesn't have what it takes to be a doll! I'm still laughing.