Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Favorite Places: Part I

I've decided to document some of my favorite places and I'm starting with one of the three fabric stores I frequent. It's a place called Broadbent's:
That photo was taken this morning. The facade of this building isn't the only thing that is old at Broadbent's. The youngest employees there are in their sixties. (Except for one young person - I think she's the owner's granddaughter.) Some of the ladies are delightful - I look forward to seeing them and talking quilts and fabric. Others seem annoyed to have pesky customers disturbing them. That's understandable. Wait, no it isn't.

I'm usually there for fabric, which they have plenty of, but sometimes I like to take in the kitsch-y craziness of the place. The store is a series of rooms - the first one has fabric, the second has kid stuff, the third has kitchen stuff, the fourth has a bunch of glass stuff your grandma would like, and the fifth room has antique-ish furniture set up as if you came for a family gathering... in 1978. Kristi (and Clara and Edward) joined us for a trip to Broadbent's this morning to take advantage of our 20% off coupons. (I found a toile! Life is worth living again. Blogger doesn't speak French or fabric, I see.)

Come sit in this Valentine's Day window display, kids:
What a great place to sit and talk. Someone really thought this through - except for the exposed metal table legs. And this scary doll sitting at the dinner table:
If only she looked more real and had a few more roses on her person, I'd snatch her up. Feel like a Precious Moment? You came to the right place:
One shelf of Precious Moments? Big deal - what's so strange about that.
Ah! Back off, Precious Moments! I can't breathe!

Are you a short pregnant woman looking for something you can just pull on and look fabulous?
(Seriously - purple is Kristi's color. And she could probably fit three more arms in each of the arm holes.)

I would have taken more pictures inside, but I didn't want them to see me and blacklist me (that's a real thing they do there). Otherwise you would have been treated to 60 year-old paper doll sets, flow-y nighties in neon colors, a back room full of cowboy stuff, more scary dolls. Oh, here's one of my favorite things:
I'm in love with this piece of furniture. It's right next to the bins full of suckers. Bridget always gets a sucker when we go to Broadbent's.

It's also one of the few places that has a nice wide sidewalk out in front. The better to run like wild!
Don't drop the suckers!


Chillygator said...

What a charming store! Where is it? Suddenly I want to go and take pictures (I can be blacklisted for the greater good. I would do that for you!)

allyn said...

very fun. sometimes don't you wonder how people come up with these crazy ideas for stores. fabric doesn't seem to belong in that place.
also, sometimes i wish i had my camera with me to take a picture of every thing that catches my eye. then i would have tooooo many pictures and not enough time to blog about them.
i enjoyed this window into your heart.

Mom said...

Why have I not been there?! We will be going next time I come down. Even Grandpa has been there (remember when he walked over there from Greenwood and didn't know how to get home? He was looking for batteries for his tv remote.) Fun pictures!

Kristi said...

I love the oldness there, too. Except when said oldness is mean to me. I'm glad you were there as a buffer for me. Otherwise I would've been banished and not given my coupon, so thanks, man. And thanks a bunch for putting that fab picture of me up for all to see - am I really that large in real life or does the camera add more than ten pounds when pregnant? Sigh. The word verification thinks just that: frufa. Hmph.

amylouwho said...

I think the camera adds 20 pounds when pregnant!

This looks like a fun and crazy place! Are those the suckers with the wooden sticks? Yum. We used to get those at The Brick Oven all the time!

Are you going to post about Material Girls? I'm writing mine up right now.

Rene' said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing one of your favorite places. Looks like a place I would enjoy. Glad to know my LQS isn't the only place that has cranky employees. Cute kids. Glad to see they had as much fun as the grown ups!!

melissa said...

I think that's my worst nightmare store. Scary dolls AND fabric? I loved this post.

Andrea said...

I also love that store, but hate it if my kids are with me. Blood pressure. I was once followed in the store by a grubby farmer, and out of curiosity followed him around to see what he possibly needed in that store! (I was there for a blessing dress...) He was buying seeds for his garden!

Angie said...

What a great store! There aren't enough old-fashioned personally owned stores anymore in this age of chains.

Jill said...

I've been to Broadbents before. Once, when my boys were very young and crazy. I got some very dirty looks, and it was a scary event when my boys went wrestling past the shelves of Precious Moments! I haven't been back since, but maybe I'll give it another chance?

Without my boys this time.