Thursday, January 28, 2010

Status Report

I made a few resolutions about a month ago and I believe I need to assess my progress.

1. Make the perfect roast chicken.
I've decided to make at least one roast chicken every month. In January I tried Pam Anderson's recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken. (Not that Pam Anderson. Dummies.) The skin turned out very nice, but I overcooked the bird. It's a genetic thing, my need to overcook meat. My next effort will include putting the chicken in the fridge for longer and taking it out of the oven sooner.

2. Win something.

I did not win anything in January... yet. I am currently entered in three giveaways.

3. Host Thanksgiving and set the most perfect table anyone has ever seen.

Obviously I cannot host Thanksgiving until November, but I have started a collection. Each month I will get one of each of the following:
A five-piece place setting of Reed & Barton's Berkshire Matte flatware. (Bonus that Dillard's is apparently having a going-out-of-business sale and I was able to buy three sets for $18.50
Queen Anne pewter plate by Carson States Metal. I get a coupon every month for Scrooge & Marley's, where I purchased this plate.
American Atelier At Home Athena Ironstone Bowl.

I couldn't find a few things, but I'm hoping to find screaming deals in the next few months. If you haven't looked at Once Upon a Plate, do it. That blog makes me want to sit down to a lovely table and take my sweet time eating.

4. Do the Yuba Triathlon in September.

I am failing almost miserably at this one so far. I'm just not in the mood to work out yet.

5. No more drinking carbonation.

I have not had any sodas at all since last year. I find myself waking up earlier, I don't feel run down ever. I'm free! You should all try going off carbonation for a month. Angie.

6. A ban on Miley Cyrus
I accidentally read a story about Joaquin Phoenix that turned into a story about Miley Cyrus. I was tricked! Who knew in a million years they would have anything to do with each other?! Not me.

7. No eating at Carl's Jr.

Duh - I can not eat at Carl's Jr. for my whole life. Give me something hard to do.

8. A ban on The Real Housewives of Anywhere U.S.A.
I watched it for five minutes. COME ON! That raisin, Lynn, was getting plastic surgery and her daughter was getting a nose job at the same time! And they had to move out of their house because they have no money! Who are these people?! I couldn't look away. Shame.


Jill said...

I like this. Just taking those goals one step at a time.

Thank you, thank you for sharing the "Once Upon a Plate" blog. I've got this new thing for table scapes. It's like a sickness. I can't believe I haven't seen this blog before! I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving table.

Just curious about one thing...what have you got against Carl's Jr? I never eat there either, but you seem to have a reason?

RCH said...

Those all seem like fabulous goals, but I just can't get behind the no carbonation thing. I'm not addicted to the Diet Dr. Pepper -- I'm just madly in love with it. It is a special and passionate affair that mere mortals cannot understand. Luckily DH isn't a jealous man by nature, or we'd have problems.

Mom said...

Which Dillards is going out of business? Are all of them going out? I can't stand this - we need department stores! I bought some cute plates with red snowflakes on them today for 69 cents and two cute white and black bowls for $1.49. I figure if we have to have soup for Sunday dinner, it might as well be in style.:) Love your choice of flatware!

Angie said...

No way, man, no way.

How funny, I was recently wondering what's up with Joaquin Phoenix. Apparently he's hanging out with Miley Cyrus. Who knew?