Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're Being Attacked By Hot-n-Tots! Cheeky Devils!

I think Admiral Boom's lines are under-appreciated in the Mary Poppins, so I'm giving him some play. Also, something is going on with the children I know. Are they all suffering from Cabin Fever? Positioning themselves to take over the world? Last Friday my sweet Bridget fell off the arm of the couch (where she is never supposed to be, but it is the closest thing she has to a horse and she uses it whenever she is pretending to be a princess riding a horse - more often than I would ever guess, it turns out) and cut the back of her head on the corner of a speaker that sits next to the couch. Bridget is not one of those crazy kids who can escape from their cribs at nine months old or who build Cat in the Hat towers to reach the cookies on top of the refrigerator, so I thought I would never have to deal with an injury like this one. Blood everywhere! She was braver than I am (I suspected as much, actually) and it took every ounce of will power I have not to cry in front of her while I was getting her ready to go to the doctor for two staples. She's recovering very well. I am fighting the urge to stay in the same room with her and watch her like a creepy hawk all day. (There will be no "show" with this "tell" because seeing the staples makes me gag a little and I don't want it on my computer screen.)

Yesterday we made and decorated Valentine's Day cookies with Tyce and Clara. When we planned the outing I wondered for a minute why we don't do these things as often anymore. It was pretty easy when they were like this:

Bridget, Tyce, Clara (and Angelyn) - April 2007

They're not only bigger now, there are a few more tots to consider:
"Little Brother"

"Warren" (That's how Tyce says Lauren's name - very feminine, no?)

Some things don't change, there is still a lot of running:
Look how tall Tyce is! Crazy.

And there is a lot more cookie eating going on than cookie decorating:
Okay, Bridget really is decorating here and trying not to look at me. I ate more cookies than she did yesterday.

And now for my favorite shot of the day:
This is Clara in a nutshell. There is a plan hatching in the cute little head - can't you just see it?

On a totally unrelated note, I have an opportunity to donate blankets to an orphanage in Haiti (a friend of a friend is heading there tomorrow with the clothes on her back and suitcases full of items for the children) and I'm so excited! The swaddle blankets won't be available in my etsy shop for a while, but what a happy thing to be able to donate them.

Speaking of the etsy shop, anyone who has ever bought anything from us (in the shop or in person) is in a drawing to win a Mommy-size (50"x60") quilt and their choice of family stationary. Go to our shop blog to see pictures and get more information. And thanks for indulging us so that I have a reason to buy fabric and so that I always have a use for that fabric.


Angie said...

Frosted sugar cookies are the best thing about Valentines Day. Love them.

Warren - hehe, that's funny.

amylouwho said...

um, alison got stitches on Monday. We've never had to do that before either. She tripped and fell into the dresser and cut her eyebrow open. Gross.

Jess said...

Poor Bridget! I had to get stitches from falling off of a couch also. Not fun, for her or Mommy.

"Outings" are hard with older kids, not to mention a lot of them. Kudos on actually getting one organized.

Jill said...

Since I have rowdy twin boys who love to build Cat and the Hat towers I've seen my share of injuries over the last few years. Just awhile back we experienced one just like Bridgets. Jonathan fell off the back of the couch, split his head open on the excercise step stool which resulted in lots of blood and two staples. I'm just like you. I can't handle the blood or looking at the stitches. Yuck!

I looked at your shop blog. If I ever have another baby I want to buy one of the owl car seat covers. I LOVE that! Your stuff is adorable.

Kristi said...

I absolutely love that picture of Clara. You're right - it's her in a nutshell. Sigh. Love her so. :)

Thanks for the outing, even if we had to cut it short due to a certain little girl's temper raging.

Angelyn said...

Thank you for putting those pictures up. They turned out so cute!