Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Favorite Place

At Swiss Days last year I discovered Al Rounds and his art.  I bought three 8"x10" prints from him, intending for them to go in my basement family room.  They're still upstairs on the cabinet in my family room/nook area.  It's okay - I like looking at them.  Renovation is much more satisfying when you've lived with things in the wrong place for a while.  Words to live by.

A few weeks ago I noticed on Al Rounds' website that his winter version of the Manti Temple was on clearance.  Who?  What?!  What?!!  See, Brian and I were married in the Manti Temple on a very snowy day in November and we had to be there early in the morning.  I like that Mr. Rounds takes the modern out and shows a view of the temples in a way I haven't appreciated yet, but is somehow the most familiar.  Perfect sense!

Isn't that beautiful?  I love the little creek running through the middle and the amazing sky.  I get love feelings looking at this.  It is probably 60% responsible for the renovation currently underway in our master bedroom.   (A post for another time.)

Here is Mr. Rounds' version of the Los Angeles Temple:

 It's such a majestic temple and the view from it's front doors is amazing, yet I've never seen a painting or drawing of it that I even like.  This one, however, is exactly what the L.A. Temple deserves.  So beautiful.

One more - Washington D.C.:
Don't you love it?!  It's like you're taking a walk in a lush, green forest and you come to a spot where the trees part and there is this incredible temple.  Just like in real life - it looks like you might be dreaming it.

Bridget and I went to the Al Rounds Studio in Holladay today to pick up that Manti Temple giclee print.  (Dear Navigation System in My Car, You are so dumb.  Bangerter to 13th East, then all the way to Holladay?  That's so not the fastest way.  Why do I even listen to you?)  I'm sure it will be featured when I report on my new master bedroom.  Get ready to be so so so jealous.  Since nothing inspires jealousy like a collage, here are the pictures from the studio today:

Never you mind about Bridget's get-up.  She needed that scarf today.


Kristina P. said...

I hadn't seen his art work before. I really like it.

P.S. Last night's 24 = awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, can't wait to see them in the newly finished room. Denise

allyn said...

i am not familiar with this artist, either, but i do love his perspectives on three of the temples i have been to. are you getting all three or just the manti?

i am sosososo jealous of your remodeling. not. i hate painting, but i love new paint. i do want to see it all, though.

Jill said...

These paintings really are beautiful. I've never heard of this guy before so thanks for the introduction.

I can't wait to be jealous over your master bedroom make over. I'm already jealous that you're even doing it. I've wanted to do mine forever!

Angie said...

The Manti picture is beautiful. I didn't know he had a gallery here - good to know.

amylouwho said...

Love the DC one. Of course :)

There are days when Alison really NEEDS her scarf too.

Can't wait to see the bedroom makeover! I get a whole house makeover when we move! It can only get better, I hope.