Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had a nice family dinner at Brian's parents' house on Sunday.  We do that about twice a month.  They had bratwurst, hot dogs, pasta salad, strawberry shortcake, chips - all with threatening gray clouds looming overhead.  Then we had an egg hunt. 

Wait.  What?  Yeah, that Easter Bunny was a little late getting to Grandma's house this year.  (Side note - I don't think Bridget is buying the whole Easter Bunny scenario and I'm okay with that.  When I told her a bunny was going to leave her a basket full of candy, she cross-examined me for hours.  "Will you open the door for him?"  "Does he talk?"  "Will you wake me up so I can see him?"  Um.  Am I really going to tell my child that a giant talking bunny is going to bust into our house to give her candy?  What's this bunny's motivation?) 

The hillbillies (Darrin and Dena) brought two dogs (insert Hee Haw music here).  Bridget tried to get to know them, but she was wearing a cute dress and she was (correctly) afraid they'd jump on her:

Grandpa eventually got them to hold still long enough for her to pet one.  (I'm only putting this shot on so you can see the size of her ring.)

Nathan and Bridget hunted on the same side of the yard.  Nathan knows all about plastic eggs:
He cracked them open with one hand, let the candy fall to the ground, picked up the candy and ate:
Then his Dad (Fun Hater Hal) dug the still-wrapped Rolo out of Nathan's mouth and frantically unwrapped a new one, which resulted in this:

The puppies found the chewed up, wrapped Rolo on the ground and took turns putting it in their mouths.  I secured the wad of tin foil, caramel, and chocolate and threw it in the garbage, then I stepped on one of the dog's paws because I didn't know he was following me.  Worst Aunt Ever.
(Look at that puppy giving me the silent treatment.)

And now for some more photos:


Jill said...

I'm a puppy lover, so I'm diggin' this post.

Also, I'm with you on the Easter bunny thing. I'm surprised kids buy that at all considering all the question marks. That Bridgett is a smart one.

melissa said...

So many lovely pictures! I never could make sense of the Easter bunny, so we don't mention him. (He who must not be named. Just kidding.)
I'm jealous you have such charming nicknames for your in-laws.

koryn said...

Brigdet and Abbey need to get together about The Bunny. Ashley had me in stitches on Easter talking about Abbey's reaction to that big (rather frightening) bunny invading the house, candy or no candy! LOVE the beautiful tea party as well. I am feeling nostalgic and I wasn't even on the premises!

Ashley said...

It's true. I was also cross-examined and dealt with her waking up THRICE that night. Once to ask if he'd come, once to ask to put a note on the door asking him to leave the candy outside, and once to ask me just to call him and cancel all together.

Nicole said...

That is HILARIOUS, Ashley. I thought Bridget was worked up...

amylouwho said...

yeah, i'm not too keen on the easter bunny either. Chocolate? Yes. Easter Bunny? meh.

Those puppies are adorable!

Is that Brian with the lovely salt and pepper locks? My husband looks the same. It's good - that way people think he's older than me. Which he's not. :)

Jen said...

I've never told my kids about the Easter Bunny or Santa. Just let the chips fall...They know that they get presents and candy. Who cares how it got there?!? And since I'm too lazy to stay up all night making their dreams come true, they know darn well how it gets there :) I wish that Henry had a healthy fear of animals. He doesn't even flinch when face to face with a dog and then he sticks his hand in their mouth! Yikes!