Monday, May 10, 2010

"I'm Done Being Here"

Bridget went all out for Mother's Day this year.  She helped Daddy in the yard on Saturday and brought me two beautiful tulips from the flower beds (both had three inch stems) while she was at it.  Then she came with me to the Home Machine Quilt Show in Sandy.  We walked around and looked at the quilts, which were amazing.  (Lots of crystals and sparkly thread incorporated into the quilting.  I don't think I'm up for threading crystals into a quilt.  Also, what is up with all the love for batiks?  I've never been a fan...)  We'd been there for about 15 minutes when Bridget quietly told me, "I'm done being here."  Ha!  Isn't it nice that she tells me instead of showing me?  Seriously.

Yesterday Bridget and Daddy brought me breakfast in bed and gave me a book of entries in this blog from 2008.  I used to write a lot more words when I knew exactly who was reading this.  Anyway, I have been very content in my role these days.  I love putting my hand at my side when I'm walking with Bridget and knowing that she will take it and stay by me.  For being so small, she makes me feel very comforted. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. :)


Jill said...

I love that little girls freckles. Priceless.

melissa said...

That was my first thought, too. It looks like her freckles were painted on so she would look just like an adorable storybook character. Glad you had a happy mother's day!

Jess said...

I didn't know sparkly thread existed. Shows my sewing knowledge. :) I am so jealous Bridget will stay next to you. What a sweetie!

allyn said...

sweet sweet. i also love having a little hand slip into mine when walking. doesn't always happen while i walk with my hand outstretched behind me, but when it does happen, it makes my heart swell.