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Pioneer Profile: Hannah Chapman, Part III

 Hannah Chapman Chester Goodworth Babcock became Hannah Raymond on November 7, 1865.  She and her husband, Charles, were happy and living in Montpelier, Idaho trying to grow crops when Hannah's son, Joseph, was fatally shot.  Nineteen year-old Joseph was drilling with the militia in Moroni, Utah, when he was accidentally shot.  Frederick died as well sometime between 1869 and 1870 (he appears on the 1870 census as living with his parents in Montpelier, but family records state that he died of pneumonia in March 1869).   Hannah was now 57 years old and she had out-lived four of her children and two of her husbands.  There is always a choice to make in adversity: get back up and be happy or stay down and be bitter.  The memories Hannah's grandchildren have of her more than suggest that she chose life.

Hannah and Charles Raymond moved to the Soda Springs, Idaho area in 1871 to homestead 160 acres in what is now the southwest section of the city beginning near the corner of the Lallatin Market, continuing south on Main Street to the present site of Fish Pond and west to include much of what is now the Lakeview addition.  In 1874 William Chester, the boy who was taken from the ship Enoch Train by his paternal grandfather and did not make the journey with his mother Hannah, finally moved to America with his family and came to live in Soda Springs.  William had not joined the Church (and it appears he never did).  Hannah finally got her son back and she could enjoy having more grandchildren living near her.  One of those grandchildren was Collin, my great grandfather (pictured as a young man at right).

Hannah served as the Relief Society President in the Soda Springs Ward from 1879 to 1894 (yikes - that's a long LONG time to be a Relief Society President).  During her time as president, the Church celebrated it's 50th birthday, which meant a big celebration.  She also headed up groups donating money to build the Logan Temple.  Dr. Ellis Kackley had Hannah help him as a nurse to the sick in the community.  Hannah was a busy little lady.  Unfortunately, her beloved husband Charles passed away on December 2, 1883.  (Her son Thomas Chester died March 19, 1886 in England and her son Richard Goodworth died May 9, 1896 in Kamas, Utah.) 

I had to take a moment to marvel at the weight of so much loss.  It's amazing to think about what humans can go through and survive and, in Hannah's case, become better... refined by suffering.  Even though she had lost her eyesight, Hannah continued to live in her home in Soda Springs and take care of herself.  (She did have family nearby and neighbors who were quick to do what they could for her.)

Hannah's dearest wish was to see the finished Salt Lake Temple.  By the time the temple was completed, however, Hannah could not see anything - even with the aid of glasses.  She attended the dedication anyway and when she arrived at the temple, her eyesight was restored so that she could see everything around her distinctly.  After the dedication she went to her daughter's home in Woods Cross, Utah and she was able to read the newspaper and thread a needle.  Within hours her eyesight was gone again. 

Hannah Chapman outlived most of her children.  She joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints amid protests from family in England, crossed the ocean and the plains to get to Zion.  The impact of her choices and her strength has affected me, her great great great granddaughter, more than one hundred years later.  She died on February 15, 1898 in Soda Springs, Idaho.

(I condensed Hannah's history from one of her great granddaughters, Marjorie Beus Brewer's extensively researched biography of Hannah Chapman.  Mrs. Brewer is descended from Hannah and Adolphus Babcock's daughter, Hannah Alice.  It made me happysad to know that such good could come from that sad section of Hannah's life.)


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Thank you so much for writing this! I realize I don't know as much about the Chesters as I feel like I do about the Furnisses and Barlows. You're wonderful for capturing these stories.

melissa said...

I think happysad is a good way to describe what I'm feeling after reading that. Thanks for sharing.

allyn said...

i love that miracle about the temple. i bet that brought some joy to her life. the suffering and sorrow is unimaginable, yet she was faithful and enduring, it sounds like. what a hero.

Bump and Erin said...

I have loved learning about her! What an amazing lady. I loved the temple dedication story! What a great example of Heavenly Father's love for her! Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

These stories, although heavy with sad sections, are so inspiring. You come from good stock Nicole. No wonder you're so great. Thanks again for sharing this story. I've enjoyed it. Maybe I'll share the story of my great grandma sometimes. It's equally good!

Anonymous said...

I was actually lQQking for Hannah's son, "Frederick" and burials for all, plugged in "Hannah Chapman Chester" and your site came up..WOW, Talk about NEET !! My paternal GG Grandmother was "Sarah Floy Avery" who married 2nd, Hannah's grandson, Joseph Wm. Goodworth, 1878 - 1957, whose father was "Richard Brooks Goodworth".. Joseph Wm. adopted my Grandmother, Rebecca Ann (BIRD)Fitch & her brother, Wm. Frederick Bird 3rd. "Joseph Wm & Sarah (Avery) Goodworth" had one additional child together, Richard Vernile Goodworth.. I've aready relayed links to your site.. If we can help you in any way, My e-mail is - - I have many headstone photo's and 3 of the Goodworth girl's are working on getting me family portrait's..
Lawrence "Larry" Elliott Fitch

Pat Miller said...

MARRIAGE: Married, Spanish Fork, 25 May 1858, Adolphus BABCOCK and Hannah GOODWORTH. From Utah Records.

ID: 153714
First Name: Hannah Alice Babcok
Gender: F
Cemetery: Soda Springs, Idaho
Birth Date: 8 APR 1859
Birth Place: Spanish Fork,Utah
Date Died: 10 JUL 1906
Death Place: Spanish Fork,Utah
Father: Adolphus BABCOCK
Mother: Hannah Alice CHAPMAN
Spouse: Jared Edward CAMPBELL, Sr.

Soda Springs Chieftain
ALICE CAMPBELL, born at Spanish Fork, Utah, 8 April 1859 died at Soda Springs, Idaho, 10 July 1906, buried 12 July 1906 in the Mound Cemetery. Her father was Dolphus Babcock & mother was Hannah Chapman Babcock. She has one sister, Mrs. Ann Ashby of Bountiful, Utah, & a brother, Wm. Chester living near Henry, Ida. & step-father, Chas. Raymond. She married J. E. Campbell about 1874 soon after Soda was settled & moved here. She had 16 children, 14 still living in 1906. Alta Leah Campbell, a baby of one year, died 1 Oct 1899. Frances Campbell Stephenson, born, 17 Jan 1881, died Aug. 1901. In May 1905, her husband & grandson, Chapman Call died (burned). She leaves a family of nine children unmarried, the oldest of whom is nineteen years & the youngest five years. The married children are Millie Call, Nellie Horsley, Grace Beus of Soda & J. E. Campbell, Jr. & Chester Campbell of Pocatello.

This looks like they were married about almost 11 months before their daughter Hannah was born.

Pat Miller
Adolphus ( Dolphus ) was my g-g-grandfather.

Janet Carpenter said...


Thank you so much for posting this history. I too descend from Hannah Chapman through Ann Chester and have never read her story. It means so much to me. On your third part you have a photo of a lady with braids. Is that actually Hannah? I can't see where you ever say for sure. Donna Talbot who posted recently told me about your blog. Is there a way I could get the entire history of Hannah? Do you have any other photos pertaining to her or Thomas Chester? I guess since you descend from William any later photos aren't in my direct line. Since William never joined the Church, how did your family find the Gospel? Great job with blogging!

Janet Carpenter

Wayne Goodworth said...


Thank you for sharing the stories. You've written wonderfully. Hannah is one of my ancestors (of course through her husband, Joseph Goodworth) and it was fun to read more about her. I'm seeing more storied added to and wondered if you've considered adding these stories to

Thanks again,

Wayne Goodworth

Diane said...

Thank you so much for this information on Hannah Chapman. She was my 4th great grandmother. I descend from her first husband, Thomas Chester and their son also called Thomas who remained in the UK and married Priscilla Taylor.
I was very excited and proud to read this. What a wonderful lady to have in my dna.


CindyV said...

Thank you. I am descended from Charles Jeremiah Raymond and his first wife Nancy Catherine Moore. It is nice to read all this history of what happened later in his life. I assume that Nancy Catherine and Charles divorced. She isn't living with him in 1860 and later. I have attached these blogs as sources at least to Frederick. I will look and see if you put them as stories for Hannah.

There is another published account of her life in a book titled Then and Now: A Picture Book of Caribou County, Idaho.