Monday, July 26, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Lallatin and Chester Cousins

I like this photo.  You know the parents made the kids stand together for a picture.  They look uncomfortable in their fancy clothes.  My Grandma Carol Chester is the cute little blonde girl in the front row playing with something rather than looking at the camera.  Her sister, Lucille, is next to her on our left.  These were cousins from Helena Lallatin Chester's (Grandma's mother) side.  (I left the extra space in because I liked how desolate it looked.  I think this was Christmas, but I'm not positive.)


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Beautiful photo! Grandma reminds me of Ashley's little Hayden in this picture. And something about the girl to our left of Lucille reminds me of me! Not so much the lovely long locks, as that was never my deal as a kiddo. But the freckles and face shape... a little!

Nicole said...

Definitely in the cheeks and the chin. That is my favorite part about these pictures - finding some feature I recognize in my relatives now. Could it also be that you recognize the size of the hair bow? Come on - admit it! :)