Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dedicated to Nieces and Nephews Who Haven't Seen Anything Good Today

Man!  It's hard impressing these people:

They've been everywhere, seen everything...  And finding cheap thrills for six isn't an easy task.  We took advantage of Thanksgiving Point's "$2 Tuesday" and got everyone into the big gardens for $10!  (Noah was free.)  We spent most of our time sitting in the shade eating the awesome snack I'm obsessed with right now.  Adam thought we were going to a water park instead of the Largest Man Made Waterfall in the World.  He was not impressed.  Lilja reported that rolling "isn't that fun."  Sigh.  I think they were secretly having the time of their lives.

Also, Allyn is totally surrounded.

After lunch at In-n-Out and a Boy's Choice movie ("Tarzan"), Uncle Brian (bow to the Scout MASTER) came home early and got everything but the hot dogs packed for our dinner in American Fork Canyon.  We met Makenzie and David at a picnic spot and Brian started the fire for our hot dogs.  You know, the extra hot dogs Makenzie and David brought.

It is so beautiful in the canyon!  The temperature is always perfect, you can hear water running, and food (and sunglasses) always tastes better outside.

Bridget was so happy to be "camping" for real "as a family" that she went over and sat by a cousin!  She and Banks are pals, but I haven't seen her be so bold before this:
(I gave all the kids bubble wands - the better to have sword fights among the trees, you know.  Can you see how dirty Banks's feet are already?)

See?  I was there.

My favorite part of the meal - maybe even the whole outing - was the s'mores.  "Delicious hot sh'mos!"  Allyn had the FANTASTIC idea of using chocolate covered graham crackers and I brought plain and strawberry marshmallows.  They were so good!  I've never even liked s'mores before.
Cute little Claire puked her guts up on the way out of the canyon. 

So, hopefully the nieces and nephews saw something good on Tuesday.  We had to hose them off in the backyard.  Any day that ends with a hosing off in the backyard can't have been all bad.


Jill said...

S'mores are my favorite. And you guys have way too much fun!

Angie said...

So much fun! The pictures are great. It is harder to entertain the kids as they get older, isn't it? Wait till they're teenagers.