Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sew & Tell Friday: Bound and Determined

As I'm sure no one noticed, I didn't do any sewing before last Friday and, therefore, didn't have anything to report on.  Really, though, last Friday was the ultimate Sew Friday ever because I got to spend it with my sister, Allyn.  What's the big deal?  Well, first of all, she lives in Virginia and I live in Utah.  Second, she has five children that she insists on taking care of, like, all the time.  It was totally on my bucket list to go to Material Girls with Allyn one day.  Somehow we were able to ditch all the kids (thanks to Aron's Aunt Sherri and one of my sainted friends) and we spent last Friday morning shopping for fabric at Material Girls.  Check!  Allyn suggested that we go in on a "grab bag" of fabric scraps.  It's literally a brown bag that has been stapled together at the top so you can't know what's in it.  I'm embarrassed to say how fun it was to go through the bag and choose my scraps.  (I need to get out more.) 

Now that life is back to normal, I got a few things done this week.  I finished one custom order and I have another at the long-arm quilter.  And I finally put bindings on those two potholders that should have come with me to the Artisan Fair.  Let's take the potholders first:

The Quiltsmart version of Grandmother's Flower Garden again.  I'm using up the rest of that layer cake of "Chloe's Closet."
Why does the "super macro" button work, but not the plain ol' "macro" on my poor camera?
Why do I always notice the random thread in the picture when it comes up on my computer screen?          

The other finish is a pumpkin seed runner (die of a heart attack of not surprise) with more of Mark Lipinski's "Winter's Grace."  This time I did the flower petals with the plum fabrics and the border is some of the green stuff.  I didn't have enough bunny fabric left for the border, but I like this border fabric because it incorporated the plum and the awesome blue that is in the back fabric. 
Yes, you're looking at a blind-stitched binding.  A woman who knows what she's doing is getting this runner, so I made a little extra effort. 
This fabric makes me want to change my Christmas colors to plum and green.  
There you have it!  Next week the 24 piano students are back, so this may be goodbye again.  (Ah, man!  I just noticed something fuzzy on the dot of that flower on my table runner!  I need a bigger view finder.)  Check out the fabulous finishes on Amy's Blog today.


Lesly said...

I will have to try that Quiltsmart, after seeing all your awesome projects.

Carla said...

I have a sweet spot for hexagon pot holders. Remind me of years passed. They look so pretty!

Your table runners always look amazing. Nice work on the binding. :oD

Penny said...

I love hexies and your runner is gorgeous! :)

Leslie said...

this is such a cute are so lucky to have gotten some time to sew with your sister...none of mine do that so i won't get that privilege.

Diane said...

What fun projects!

trish said...

Your pot holders are just adorable!! And I always enjoy seeing your pumpkin seed runners (or anything else you create with them). :o)
Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

More Than A Mom said...

Beautiful work. I love the hexagon idea for potholders. I am just getting into quilting so I think there will be a lot of pot holders and table runners while I figure out new squares! LOL

Visiting you from Sew & Tell Fridays on Amy Lou Who.

Pokey said...

Your potholder is so neat, I like the hexies sewn like that. It has a feel of Gramma's kitchen! Hey, those surprise bags are always fun. I'm glad you had a bit of time at the quilt shop with your sister, too!

Karen said...

Great finishes. I am still not tired of seeing those pumpkin seed table runners. You do such a wonderful job with the runners and the quilting looks great.

lush stuff said...

I am so jealous of your day out hunting fabric with your sis.Here in Ireland we don't have any decent fabric shop for a good old root through.Great work ,loving the ice cream and cup cake combo and all th fab colours. Also jealous of the fab quilting you do.Andrea