Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The End of Summer, the First Day of School

 I haven't posted about our trip to Jiggs, Nevada, so I'll do that at the same time as Bridget's first day of preschool.  We went to Jiggs with some of Brian's family a few weekends ago.  During the five hour drive to Jiggs, I discovered that my sweet girl can sing all the words to a couple of Kenny Rogers songs.  A sample:

Show me a bar with a good-lookin' woman
Then just get out of the way...

Beautiful.  (Reminds me of the time Emma and Lilja, who were really really young at the time, sang Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" in the most serious and loud voices I've ever heard.  I could think of that for weeks afterward and laugh until I cried.)  Jiggs is away from everything - very quiet.  Bridget and Brian played on the four-wheelers and I sewed.  It rained the second day, but the first night was perfectly clear and I went out by myself to look at the stars.  Amazing!  I even saw a shooting star.
Bridget picked me some flowers on the first morning. :)

Bridget took this photo.  Can you tell we're scrunching down so we can be in it?  Ha!

She's trying to catch some raindrops on her tongue.  

Monday was Bridget's first day of preschool!  We went to the open house last week and saw the cubby for her backpack and we got the bright yellow shirt and the badge - it looked like so much fun.  But, Bridget is painfully shy.  The whole time at the open house she kept whispering, "I don't want to go here."  As soon as we were home, though, she was bragging about her badge and her yellow shirt and how her cubby has a monkey sticker.  Preschool is AWESOME!
Oh, it's happening!  Going to preschool for real on Monday morning.

I think it was while I was taking this photo that she was saying, "I don't want to go here."

Somehow she found the courage and stayed at preschool.  I was busy while she was gone, so I didn't lose it, but when she came home and we sat on the couch to go through her papers one at a time, I started to cry.  She wanted to tell me everything and in my mind I was fast forwarding ten years to when she won't want to tell me everything.  How did she get so big? 


Jess said...

Aw, she's getting so big! I'm glad she enjoyed herself eventually. I can understand how odd it is to hear your child singing lyrics you didn't know they knew. My sister caught Lissie singing that morbid "the cat came back" song. ?

melissa said...

So, so sweet! I'm so excited for her. How often does the go to preschool?

Kristi said...

That picture of Bridget trying to catch raindrops on her tongue is quite possibly the funniest picture I have seen of her. Her expression looks so close to what I see Clara doing multiple times a day - going C.R.A.Z.Y.T.O.W.N!! And I'm trying not to cry knowing that I'm sending Clara off to preschool tomorrow. I will stay busy, too. I will.

allyn said...

jiggs? what kind of name is that?

bridget will love pre-school, for sure. it is an emotional obstacle, though. you can do it, nicole.

Mr and Mrs C said...

Not to add to your tears or anxiety, but truth be told, I cry a tear or two every new school year on the first day! What a case I am!!! Ha! She is gonna do great and so will you.

Andrea said...

I betcha she will be one of those who will always tell you...;)

Angie said...

What a sweet girl. I bet it is strange to send her off to school. The time does go so fast.

PS - how on earth did she hear Kenny Rogers songs enough times to learn them?