Monday, September 6, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Everybody Who is Anybody in 1979

I have been DREAMING of posting this photo ever since I started doing the Family History Photo Monday.  The occasion was Melissa's blessing day in Oakley, Idaho, sometime late in the summer or early fall of 1979.   (Melissa is taking a nap somewhere in the house.  Melissa's baby photo op thwarted again!)  There is so much in this photo!

Sitting on the porch starting at the left: Me (Nicole), Jennie, Sheri, Dad (Robert) with Katy on his shoulders and Allyn corralled in front of him, Uncle Larry with Michael and David on his lap, Aunt Beverly with Dannel on her lap, Mom (Peggy), and Grandpa Lloyd.

Standing from left to right: Uncle Don holding Mark, Aunt Candace (pregnant with Gene), Great Grandpa Edward Lee, Great Grandma Rhoda Lee, Grandpa Curtis, Great Grandma Bessie England (she's sitting), Grandma Shirley, Grandma Carol Furniss, and Uncle Mark.

There are so many things I love about this photo - my great grandparents are in it!  How cool is that?!  Grandpa Lloyd Furniss (sitting on the far right) put his camera on his tripod and hit the timed shutter, then ran over and "acted natural" next to my Mom.  My Uncle Mark's mustache.  The mothers in this photo are all so young and beautiful - Mom is only 29 in this picture.  My Dad is wearing combat boots.  Behind my Uncle Don is a window that I'm pretty sure is broken because of me.  (I was filled with rage as a youngster and I kicked everyone and everything.)  Look how much Allyn looks like her youngest, Noah.

Now it's your turn, family.  What's your favorite thing about today's Family History Photo? :)


melissa said...

I think it's a tie between Uncle Mark's mighty honcho 'stache and Michael's plaid blazer.

But for reals, my favorite thing about this picture is knowing that they were all together to celebrate ME!

Jess said...

You've got to love how every picture with young children has at least one being held down by force (like poor Mark on the left). I like Michael's plaid blazer also. :)

Jen said...

Aunt Candace. She should have been one of Charlie's Angels. She and Mom are both stylin' in their silky nightie dresses.

Mom said...

That's exactly what I was thinking! My dress was more like a nightgown - in fact it may have been a maternity dress, at least at first. One of the first things I noticed in this picture was how much Noah looks like Allyn (even the thumb in the mouth!)and that they had the same hairstyle. The best part of this picture for me is knowing that it represents the end of a long ordeal (Dad gone for the summer, having a baby) and the beginning of life back to normal. Nicole is pretty thorough in her observations! (I never noticed the combat boots before.:) ) Thanks for the great post!

Ashley said...

I kept staring and staring at this picture on facebook yesterday. It is about as good as it gets! I love my dad's 'too cool for school' stance. But the first thing I noticed was how adorable your dad looks with Katy climbing on his back. Also, if I knew where Grandma Carol's dress was right now, I'd totally wear it this Sunday. If I fit in size 0, that is.

allyn said...

yes, i have seen this picture many times before, but i still love to stare at it. doesn't great gpa lee look strong standing so tall and and holding up the house. gma bessie looks pretty rough. didn't gpa milton pass away earlier that year?

aaahhh the mahem of having many small children.
thanks for posting it.

Andrea said...

Talk about kids looking like their moms!