Monday, September 13, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Lola & Lloyd

My great grandma Winnifred Ohlson Furniss had cute cute babies.  It was her "thing."  Her first two were Lloyd (my grandpa) and Lola.  (Lola is a great name.  Why does it seem like someone has ruined it for everyone?)  Here are Winnifred's oldest children posing on some kind of three-wheeled thing - Lloyd is 3 years old and Lola is 20 months:

And here are Lola and Lloyd in their early thirties with my Grandma Carol (notice they both got the Awesome Hair Gene):

Grandpa Lloyd and Lola were pals.  I like that.  :)


allyn said...

very sweet pictures. it seems like people liked to take pictures of themselves on the side of their houses back in the day. perhaps they were proud of their siding.
gpa's looking pretty tuff in his undershirt and pompadour.

Angie said...

Grandpa Lloyd had some nice hair! So dishy.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

That Grandpa of ours, what a handsome devil.

melissa said...

"Proud of their siding"! ha! Those little old fashioned toddlers are too, too cute!

mommymae said...

i love these! my great-grandma was lola & i love the name. my husband nixed it because of all of those stupid songs! stupid songs. (kicks the dirt.)