Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vermont: Finale

Our last day in Vermont was cold and rainy, but we still went through with our plans.  A fall visit to New England isn't complete without some apples, so Jen took us to a beautiful orchard to pick some.  It's pretty late in the year for apples, so we had to walk for a while before we found any at the tops of the trees.
Maybe I shouldn't have cropped this photo.  See the stick on the right?  Weston is on the other end of it.
There he is.
Henry is an expert apple inspector.  If they bounce, they're no good.  But you do have to throw all of them one at a time to find out.  :)
That wagon was not so easy to pull.  Bridget is strong.

A few hours later we met Ben and Ethan in Burlington.  Bridget and Weston sat in the back seat of the van and traded silly bands.  Finally bonding on our last day there.
Look at Jen's stride!  She might be trying to get out of this picture.  This is Church Street in Burlington.

Mission complete!  I caught Henry smiling!  Even better, he's smiling at his favorite, Uncle Brian.

Do not adjust your screens, that is Ethan standing next to Jen.  Yes, he is on one tip-toe, but how do you account for the other nine inches?  When we got there he was 5'7" and when we left he was 5'10".
That night, a week ago today, we (by "we" I mean Ben and Brian) made caramel apples.  Everyone was beat and a little sad knowing it was our last night. 
Bridget is trying to get caramel off her teeth.
I'm finally done re-living our amazing trip to Vermont.  These posts have been mostly for our family yearbook, so thanks for enduring them if you have been.  Trips like this are expensive and hard to plan (especially when you involve the airlines), but they are worth every penny and every uncomfortable moment.  Thanks, Jen and Ben, for showing us such a good time. :)


Mom said...

Finally pictures of Taylor and Ethan! Were they awol the whole time you were there? Thanks so much for letting us enjoy this awesome trip with you! Wonderful pictures!

allyn said...

enduring? i have been savoring each picture and caption and play-by-play. glad you had so much fun and played the glad game on the travel part.

Ashley said...

Her town sounds so fun. I batted the idea around of going to NYC that week and stopping in to see Jen on the way back. We headed south instead but how fun would it have been to see you guys? Anyway, glad you got in some sister time. I'm aching for mine lately.

Angie said...

It looks like a great trip.

I got your comment, and yes we do need to get together! And I want to hear your news. I have a guess....